Walk in the Park

Sunday I prolly could have gone to yoga but I decided to just start fresh on Monday. I did however go on a megawalk inspired by the marathon that was going on in front of my house. They even turned on the High Level Bridge waterfall which I must say, was quite a spectacular sight to wake up to.

I donned my runner and set out not really having much of a plan. I like to listen to audiobooks on my iPod while I try to maintain my pace. It was super hot but if I tried to walk in the shady trails or paths of the river valley, I`d get attacked. And not just a little. The mosquitos are huge and seem to be organized into an intelligent offensive. So I stayed in the sun where they were a lot less bothersome.

After a quick walk in the wading pool at the Legislative Building, I realized I was getting a little burnt. I hightailed it over the bridge and into my cool apartment for lunch. I feel pretty lucky to have a natural form of air conditioning when I open my bedroom window and the balcony door. It creates a beautiful flow of fresh air throughout the condo.

After a short nap, I got together with Jen and Sebastian to watch Pan`s Labyrinth at one of my favorite restaurants, 4th and Vine. Unfortunately they changed the menu so the dishes I was salivating over were no longer on the menu. And the sinful chocolate ganache I had been so looking forward to, also gone. I wondered what happened to the delicious popcorn that they usually serve. So the food wasn`t nearly as exciting as it was the first time I went and in fact, I didn`t even finish my torte.

But the movie was alright, if not a little gory for a dinner movie. I was a little distracted by trying to read the subtitles and not really enjoying the graphics of the fantasy characters. The movie was a lot darker than I expected but was an interesting twist of fantasy, war, and drama. Certainly not for children.

Perhaps the best part of the night was the company I was with. I was glad to have gotten in a visit with my friends and even got a hug from Jason who stopped by. I knew that it was going to be an early morning so I had better get a good nights sleep. But because they were out of decaf tea, I was up with an Earl Grey and sugar buzz for half the night. Not a great way to start off my week.

Grateful for Edmonton`s River Valley.

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