Butterfly Rain

I woke up this morning at 5am and though I didn`t feel terrible, I knew it would be better if I took the day off yoga. I got up and drove down to the studio anyway as today is the day to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge (referred to as 30DC hereafter). The last few days I have been a little burnt out and even considered cutting down the yoga to a few times a week. I know deep down that I must push through this difficult phase as it`s just a bit of a tantrum. In my foundation I am sure this practice is what I need to be doing right now.

So I signed up for two more months but decided to be gentle and take a few days off before starting up again. You see, I am not only doing the 30DC but I am going to go for 60. I will do two weeks on either side of the official month which actually begins June 15. After filling in the form, I went back home and crawled into bed. I am proud of myself for making this commitment to health. I attended 80% of May and that was quite good to start. I know that having 30 other yogis to support me in my quest will no doubt make a difference.

The weather sure did turn out nice today and I made the best of it by finishing up my work then getting out. I strolled along Whyte Ave sipping on my herbal tea slush from Cargo and James. The sun was out in full force and so was Edmonton locals soaking it up. The patios were packed and the pace was a leisurely crawl as people window shopped.

I smiled as I passed two older men dressed very conservatively in their smart black business suits. They looked straight out of the boardroom like they were about to close a billion dollar deal. That is, if it weren`t for the double scoop waffle cones they were thoroughly enjoying. A long creamy drip crawled off the cone down Mr. CEOs hand but was obviously too wrapped up in the moment to care. It was refreshing to feel their giddiness as they allowed themselves to indulge in this childhood treat.

Tried to go fishing but the mosquitoes were too ferocious and besides the river didn`t seem quite fishable. Before heading home I went for a walk around the Legislative Grounds just as the sun was setting and the full moon was rising. It was quite serene as the only others around were graduates all dolled up in their princess dresses and classy suits.

I found a large tree fully adorned in white blossoms and decided to take a rest. I sat down on the carpet of petals and enjoyed the serenity of the moment. Completely lost in my thought, suddenly a gentle gust of wind shook all the branches above me. The rustling of leaves built and then waned as a shower of a thousand delicate petals rained upon my head. It was a magical moment that I cannot quite capture here in words. A simple gift which will forever stay imprinted in my memory.

Grateful for grace.

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