Now it is Thursday and I haven`t written in days. That`s what happens when life blows up and there is too much to do. Deadlines and last minute developments invaded leaving me a little over committed. Monday I tried to get all my work done so that Tuesday I`d be free to see my friend from Montreal. Though I stayed up all night, I got most of it done. I ended up going to the later yoga class on Tuesday and man it was hard. I hurried back home to have a few meetings before Martin came from the airport.

Things just got busier and busier over the next couple days challenging me to really stretch myself. I gave up sleep to catch up with Martin in between bouts of work. I felt really bad that I was being such a terrible host but he was so very understanding. The time that we did talk was quality and we covered a lot of ground.

Wednesday I still went to yoga though it was the noon class I got to and again, brutal. I have had quite intense bouts of exhaustion lately forcing me to have short cat naps. I started to wonder if it was poor diet, dehydration or maybe just too much exercise. But I don`t think its any of those as I have been quite careful. I think its something else. Something maybe in my head.

So I raced to finish more work and was almost catching up to the pace at which they were sending it to me. But then I remembered my guest hadn`t eaten so I scrambled around to organize food. I took a break and we went for a walk which did me a world of good. Getting out into the fresh air and sun was invigorating.

After a tea slush and showing Martin Whyte Ave, I had to come home for a little work and a short nap. Then we were off again to visit West Edmonton Mall. We did a quick sprint around and I pointed out the ice skating rink, waterpark, deep sea lagoon and the animals. They were filming a movie and there were a lot of people just hanging around in hope of a glimpse of someone famous. We didn`t have time for such things.

We motored back to Bourbon Street where we were going to watch the hockey game. I decided to take him to my favorite dessert place instead and watch the game there while satiating our sweet tooth. This is a tradition with us.

We chatted and watched the Ottawa Senators lose to the Anaheim Ducks while munching on our salads. When the cheesecake topped banana split came, we were ready. Oh boy. I slurped up as much of the Callebaut chocolate as I could before my tummy screamed NO MORE. I was done. I wondered how in the past I had been able to finish an entire portion to myself.

We chatted as much as I could while I worked and he played on his laptop. He was so polite and patient though I am already thinking of how I can make it up to him. We had a nice breakfast this morning before I dropped him off at the airport. The visit was short and sweet, as it always is with my French friend from the East.

So I made it to yoga everyday this week except today. I finally met all my deadlines and finished what was urgent. Now I am taking a few minutes to breathe and I ready myself for the next round of excitement. I definitely need some down time this weekend so I will attempt to stay away from the computer for at least 24 hours. The weather is outstanding and is supposed to continue with a sunny 30 degree Celsius right through until Monday.

Grateful for adrenaline.

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