Prepare for G(l)ory…and CG EyeCandy

Sunday was a lax morning and I decided to take the day off yoga giving my body a rest. It was Sebastian`s birthday so we went for Dim Sum and then for coffee. Next we did a little bit o`fishing before heading out to a movie he`s been wanting to see for a while.

I had heard mixed reviews about “300” which was visually stunning but extremely violent. I am quite sensitive to gore and brutality so I had avoided it for this long. But as I have learned recently, the birthday person gets what they want no matter what. So I braced myself and readied myself to look away for a good portion of the flick. It says on the poster “Prepare for Glory” but they really could have lost the “L”.

I was surprised at how quickly I became desensitized to the spatter and smattering of blood. Almost the entire movie depicted the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C between the Spartans and Persians. I hid my eyes twice near the start of the film but by the end, the lobbing off of heads didn`t even phase me. I found myself actually looking to see if they showed the severed spinal cord. Gross.

“Why isn`t the ground red?” I whispered to Sebastian near the end of the battle.

“Good question. With that much killing going on the ground would be soaked with blood,” he observed thoughtfully.

From an artistic vantage point, it was a pretty movie. There were loads of chiseled men running around in booty shorts as well as sensuality and eroticism ribboned throughout. I imagine this would appease those dragged into this war movie that may not be interested in the blood and guts aspect. The costumes were stunning and the CGI work seemed well done, though it did feel like a video game at times.

After thinking about it for awhile, I remembered what those scenes of crimson carcasses piled sky high reminded me of. I had seen photos of such things when I toured the concentration camp in Germany. Mountains of dead people smushed together like sardines.

I worried that after watching such a graphic movie, I would have nightmares and trouble sleeping alone. It`s been a really long time since I have watched something like this so I wasn`t sure how it would affect me. I must have been really tired though because I slept like a log dreaming about fluffy little kittens.

Grateful for peace.

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