Family Day

The early morning yoga class was pretty busy as I guess everyone wanted to enjoy the sunny weekend outside. After making a quick pit stop at the Strathcona Farmers Market, I readied myself to go fishing. I knew it would be a quieter day as I was getting to midday by the time my hooks hit the water.

I had a nice chat with Lee, a Vietnamese man who had emigrated here 20 years ago. He told me a few of his fish stories and about how much his wife likes fishing too. I asked him if he had been back to Vietnam and he replied “every year”. I asked if he like it better here or there to which he smiled without hesitation and told me Vietnam. He complained that here we work too hard and of course, it`s much too cold.

After catching a few, I realized it was almost time to head over to my parents house. I packed up the gear and upon walking back to the car, realized I had gotten a bit much sun. By the time I got home, I was absolutely exhausted. I had to lay down for just a minute which turned into thirty.

I don`t go to Starbucks often but there are those days when it has to happen. I have noticed the quality of their product declining steadily which is certainly making it easier to bypass the coffee giant. I did end up checking out the new store near my old house and getting myself my favorite treat, a frozen frappacino, much like a coffee slush.

I didn`t realize that on the way out somewhere between the door and my car, I had dropped my wallet. I am pleased to say that later when I was retracing my steps of the day, I found that it was returned. The young man who answered the phone when I called informed me that someone had found it outside and had brought it into the store. Just goes to show that just because Starbucks may be “evil”, it customers are not necessarily bad.

Every year we celebrate my parent`s anniversary and call it Family Day. It`s really nice to visit with my brother and sisters` families as it`s very seldom that we all get together. I find it interesting that the older we get, the better we seem to get along.

We stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cabbage rolls, and corn on the cob. Played a little soccer with the boys in the backyard to make some room for one of the many desserts. We munched on a variety of pies, cinnamon buns, baklava, cake, and ice cream. I must say I was surprised by the amount of food I was able to consume though it was slightly less than usual. I guess I know what happens when I overeat and I am NOT signing up for that world of pain. Overall, there were lots of laughs, hugs, and I thought it was one of the best Family Days yet.

Grateful for Family Day.

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