Winter is dying and I am growing

I just stepped outside to experience tiny speckles of snow shooting at me. Like little frozen flying saucers invading my illusion of spring. Figures I thought to myself. Still, the optimist I am I scrutinized them a little more closely hoping they were just glorified rain. But no. Truly…snow at the end of May. Global warming, yeah right. It must be the last stitch effort. Hey Winter…I got news for you. Your late for another party…on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!

I swear this winter has been so long that I am going to enjoy my summer no matter how bad it is. But it`s going to be great and I know it. I am just so determined to stick it to this past winter that I am going to be the summer cheerleader. I was wondering what fun things I can do to make people smile and this is it. I am going to make sure that everyone that I come into contact with not only acknowledges but appreciates this glorious and well earned summer.

How am I going to do this, you ask? I don`t know. Maybe a button that says “Summer Rocks” or “Summer Makes me Smile”…but then, the guy on the 19th floor just got a fish and called him Pedro. I don`t want him to think I am trying to start something, you know? Maybe a “Free Lemonade…because its summer and we CAN!” stand on the corner of my street (is one of the busiest in the city). Maybe I will wear yellow everyday. Maybe a Silly Summer Parade…oh wait, they already do that here. What can I do…thinkthinkthink. I am sure that will be revealed to me by the summer gods.

So my yoga class this morning was goodly awesome! As I was going through the door I over heard some of the veterans…

“You ready for Ricky this morning?” one of the buff much older than she looks ladies asked the hardbody number 2.

“Oh yeah…am I ever,” the lithe athletically built woman replied with conviction.

I chimed in. “So I am NOT crazy. He is trying to kill us then? All this time I was thinking it was my imagination.”

“Oh no,” Ms Fit and Firm reassured me with a laugh. “He is one of the hardest ones here. He sure does test us, that`s for sure.”

I went on to have my best class yet. I reached new levels on three of my poses. During locust pose which is my least favorite partially because seem to have made zero progress from day one, something happened. I was grudgingly lifting again for the longer than eternity that Ricky seems to like us to hold on the hardest poses.

As you are strictly commanded not to look up, it was a bit of a shock to feel soft warm hands ever so gently on the tops of my feet. This seemingly ruthless instructor had quietly walked over and barely touching me, coaxed my feet 10 inches higher. What?! How is this possible?! I heard a voice screaming in my head. You can`t do that! Well. Apparently I can.

Grateful for encouragement.

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