Big Grannies and Grandpas

Yesterday I watched a Canadian movie called “Away from Her” directed by Sarah Polley. It was about an older couple dealing with several life issues one being Alzheimer`s disease. I found the movie quite touching and one of my favorite parts was when the senile sportcaster walked by Grant barking his nonstop play-by-play.

“And we are walking down the hallway because they are taking me back up to the second floor they are always taking me up to the second floor here comes the elevator on the left where there is a man with a broken heart broken into a thousand pieces.”

That part just squished me. I guess you won`t really understand unless you see it. It`s a good movie because there just aren`t enough movies about old people. I like old people and I always wished I`d known my grandparents. I sometimes sabotage random elderly types into conversation and pretend they are my own. Most of the time, they play along, if only for the short (or longer depending on the state of their memory) time it took them to realize the didn`t actually know me. At the end of the convo there is usually a “You know you remind me of my granddaughter” or “great neice”. I like it when they say that.

There is a volunteer program here called Big Brothers and Sisters where you can mentor youth who may lack a male or female presence. I think its great for single parent families who may not have both gender influences. I always thought they should have Big Grannies and Grandpas for people like me. There is certainly alot of precious wisdom out there not being passed down.

Today I went to yoga and it was much better yet still a struggle. I am reading the Bikram book now which may or not be a good thing. It makes me try harder because I see what the postures supposed to look like. I can tweak my form and am finding that knowing how to do it properly makes it a bit harder to cheat. Not that I want to be cheating but there are those few moments that ignorance is bliss…

Grateful for memory.

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