Crumpled 747

Today is a holiday here in Canada. Victoria Day is a stat holiday we get in honor of the Queens birthday. I was surprised to learn that it is also celebrated in Scotland and the Cayman Islands. In any case, I think of it as the weekend of terrible weather. It has snowed and stormed here traditionally on this long weekend for more years than not. Gardeners know this best and have been known to hold off planting until the weekend AFTER May long.

So today I went to the 930am yoga class and almost died. It was brutal and although I did every posture at least once, I made sure to rest when I needed to. I was dizzy and nauseas plus the class was jam packed with more people than I have ever seen it. We were squished in like sardines which made it a little cozy trying to perform full locust pose. I know I did not look like the 747 that they usually try to get us to emulate. I was more like a crumpled paper airplane that Magic chewed up. Oh well. Can`t be perfect all the time 😉

With the additional stress my body is in, I was happy just to have the will power to remain in the sweaty hot room. I was told that the spine strengthening series would feel “nice” for my back but I didn`t think so. The instructor also mentioned that I may get lightheaded during the standing postures. She was right about that one. When the class was over, I congratulated myself as this was definitely my most grueling class yet.

Grateful for determination.

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