Sweet and Low

After my 8am yoga, I headed over to the Farmers Market to see if they had any balloons this week. They didn`t. They did however have blueberry pie. Mmmm. I got a bit of work done before digging into the sinful dessert. I had a lot consumed a large cup of coffee which I have gotten out of the habit of for some time. It didn`t take long after that.

I had heard that sometimes your body changes when you start doing yoga. I read that you start rejecting old unhealthy cravings and make better nutritional choices. I thought that it was because you become so happy and peaceful you just want purer foods. I didn`t really think this would happen to me because I am pretty strong minded and I was under the delusion that food doesn`t affect me that much. I reasoned that I eat well, not frequenting fast food joints and maintaining a balanced diet.

So when I felt like I had been hit by a truck, it was a little shocking. I only had one piece so I was truly floored with the effect it had on me. I actually felt high from the amount of sugar in the pie but it wasn`t a good feeling. It was an out of control anxious state of mania that lasted for 5-10 minutes. Then I began to feel heavy and sick with my head as if it were full of molasses. I was lethargic and grumpy until a few hours later when I began to feel relatively normal again.

I thought about it and realized that my body is changing. I can`t really see a difference and I don`t think I have lost any weight. But I feel more together and solid. My clothes don`t seem to even fit any different but I know that I am stronger.

Just thinking about that horrible feeling of being poisoned was enough to make me a lot more mindful of what crosses my lips. I am coming to the realization that I must have always felt this way when I have regarded my diet with reckless abandon. I`m invincible able to consume just about anything including copious amounts of sugar and caffine without paying any physical or mental price. So I thought. I wonder if I was just numb and unconscious of the chaos that I was inflicting on myself. Well I guess along with being able to twist myself into a pretzel, yoga is also giving me other benefits. It seems to be forcing me to a higher state of body awareness.

Grateful for nutrition.

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