Chasing a flat balloon

I decided to take the day off yoga today as the smell of the beer from my pores did not sound appealing to me. I didn`t drink that much last night but it sure did hit me hard. Why is it that when I am in a good mental space, I can drink loads and not even get tipsy. But if I have alot on my mind, a couple beers can knock me over.

I danced around like a whirling dervish trying out my new skirt which is super fun to spin in. I did see one of my yoga teachers out partying super hard and she bought me a shot. It was kinda weird not much unlike seeing one of your bosses intoxicated. But hey, we are all human and it reminded me not to be so judgemental.

I ended up sleeping in a little and then working most of the day. The weather started getting really gloomy and it even rained. The May long weekend is almost always terrible cold weather and this looks like it won`t break the tradition. I hauled my bike out and peddled over to the coffee shop and bookstore. I needed to get out and have some fresh air to get the creative juices flowing.

I also made a stop at the organic health food store to pick up another balloon for Magic. It`s been so sad watching her try to revive her old balloon which is now pretty much flat. She still loves it dearly and drags it around the house behind her wherever she goes. I was disappointed that they had run out of helium at the store. It`s getting painful watching her try to squeeze more excitement out of this dead balloon.

Grateful for helium.

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