Caution Curve

I think I overdid it in the yoga this morning. I was absolutely spent and my muscles were aching like nobody`s business. I am not sure what happened but it was like my consciousness was invaded by a thick cloud of exhaustion. I thought maybe it would help to drink water or eat some food but it didn`t seem to help.

I did end up getting my work done and had my weekly meeting with Luc as well. I am excited to have the go ahead with a new contest coming up with TravelPod. I think it going to be loads of fun and there is even a cool prize. I like giving people stuff. Stuff is good.

So the sun just went down and I had a few quiet moments at my kitchen table. I realized how lucky I am to be able to watch the sunset every evening as I eat my dinner. I guess I have been feeling less than my bubbly self lately. When I experience spectacular moments in nature and I am not on my path, something is just not quite right. I seem to spot flaws in perfection. I know that is my own defect and its only a mirage of my own muddy mood. Its like I am behind some glass wall and I am not fully able to touch, feel, taste or otherwise sense fully the plethora of beauty unfolding before me.

I am about to change all that. The good thing is that I have realized that happiness and contentment are my natural state. So when something is out of line with that thread of being then its like a wakeup call. And over the years, it has become more fine tuned. I hear it faster, louder and it the sharpness of the warning signs are almost enough to jolt me back on track. Almost. There is still a bit of legwork to be done.

Grateful for red flags.

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