Don`t tell the plant police

Today I made it to hot yoga just in the nick of time. I was the last to arrive and I had just finished unrolling my mat when the teacher walked in. Phew. There is absolutely no late entry so if you are 2 seconds late…too bad. I guess the early bird gets the warm.

I had a very good class and was thrilled that the teacher took a few moments to correct me on two of my postures. I am still learning and know that some of them seem a little too easy. Now I know why.

I had a very productive day and seemed to be able to get things done in triple time. I was on fire and my energy levels were so high, I plowed through most of my to-do list. It was a great start to the week.

I had a nice visit from my special neighbor Marcia who is working out of town for the summer. She is only here every now and then so it was a real treat to be able to have a tea while we watched the sunset from my balcony. The heavy dark orange orb sunk deeper into the horizon as we gabbed away.

At one point I became so animated that I accidentally leaned on the flower planter too hard. In one swift moment, everything toppled over including one of my favorite kitty mugs which was just topped up with tea. Just last week I had been gutted that I had drown one of the planters severely by not taking the plastic off the bottom. I have a pretty hard time keeping plants so I don`t know why I continue to try. I feel terrible everytime I succeed in killing another batch of seedlings. Oh well. If they weren`t dead from flood, they were certainly dead from the earthquake.

I guess I still have the herbs my nephew is growing for me. Hopefully they will have a better mortality rate with me because they are already growing into full fledged plants. So I don`t have a green thumb. Clumsy people should not try to grow herbs on their balcony. I was not meant to be a gardener, florist or farmer. Good thing I suppose, or I would be out in the dirt rather than writing this.

Grateful for callings.

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