Today was yoga time again and I wanted to get to the first class. I had forgotten my mat in the change room yesterday and wanted to rescue it. I knew no one would take it because I generally feel really good energy from these people. I am pretty sure that people around here know about karma and stealing another yogis mat would be heinous.

I worked most of the afternoon then started thinking about dinner. I teetered between going out to my favorite restaurant for movie night or cooking at home. I realized that it was logical that I should begin using some of the food I had bought yesterday. I found a mushroom sale so I had a zillion mushrooms to work with. I began choosing the biggest most healthy white bulbs I could find to make stuffed mushroom caps.

After searching around the net for the best recipe, I took the best from several sites and invented my own. I guess I have always been one to modify things and seldom follow a recipe word for word. I made up a concoction of onion, garlic, mushroom stems, spinach, stuffing mix, cream cheese and cottage cheese to shove in the little fungus hats. I topped each overstuffed shroom with a bit of old cheddar cheese before shoving it in the oven for a half hour.

I was quite pleased with the results and helped myself to more of these savory delights than I want to admit. I reasoned that they were more or less healthy and besides, I am going to yoga in the morning. Mushrooms make me so happy. I need to experiment more with them and create some new dishes. In the meantime, I have about 200 stuffed mushroom caps to devour. I guess I got carried away but I am mad about mmmmmmmushrooms….

Grateful for mushrooms.

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