Semi-sick day

I woke up on Friday morning feeling super ill. I was up in plenty of time to do 6am hot yoga but I decided against it. I just couldn`t convince myself that it would be worth it to risk spewing all over the yoga room. I am sure my fellow yogis would not have appreciated such a rude awakening to start their day. I decided to go back to bed.

After lazing around most of the morning just hauling myself from the computer to the bed for several short work intervals, I decided to eat. I knew there was a chance I may not keep it down but I was getting weaker and food was the only remedy. I had a quick meeting with Luc who seemed also to be suffering from some random headache. It must have been the one I was battling all night that had made its way over to the East, I told him.

I guess this is the thing about working from home. You never really are too sick to go into work if its just steps away from the bed. Unless you are stuck in the bathroom for one reason or another, there is really no excuse. I guess it was nice to be able to take 15 minute naps every hour but I just knew I would be working through the weekend. Still. I was grateful because I am sure having that flexibility aided in my quick recovery.

By mid-afternoon, I was gaining some energy after having orange juice and peach yogurt. I decided to pass on trying to make it to yoga and cleaned my house instead. That would be a half decent workout and would make me feel better too.

Saturday I was much better and did infact make it to the first class at 8am. Afterwards, I went to the post office and picked up some registered mail. It was my tickets to Burning Man. Yes! Though it is so far away, I am starting to get glimmers of excitement. I know it will be nothing like last year…except strangely familiar…as it was last year. Makes sense? No. I didn`t think so.

I strolled over to the Strathcona Farmers Market to taste the samples and stuffs for sale. I ended up with several homemade dips from the sauce lady. They were too good to pass up and I knew that I could never make them for less than she was selling them. Especially since when I asked her if it was real seafood…she answered with a solemn look on her face “ALWAYS use real ingredients.” Ohhh. Ok. Sold.

Did a shop at the grocery store and ended up with a Cookie Monster laundry hamper. It was hard to convince myself but my inner child won out. I needed a vesicle for my dirty clothes after someone “borrowed” mine from the laundry room last week. I knew that I wouldn`t be buying a generic white basket ever again. So the blue monster would have to suffice.

Grateful for recovery.

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