Gentle intentions

I read a title today from a spam email that was titled “Let your Dreams come True.” I thought about the word Let and have to say that I agree with this. Many people use the word Make but I am starting to feel otherwise. I guess there is a time to make…and a time to let. Its like that car ad I saw at the commercial awards…it said something about in Japan, they don`t say that they “have” dreams…they “SEE” their dreams. I can`t remember the whole ad but I do remember it gave me that tingly feeling and really hit me.

So what I am trying to say is that I know that I am living my dream life. I realize this regularly when I let myself. I need to LET myself more often because it begins to feel just normal. And that is not good because I want to be grateful for every second. And too many times I have allowed myself to get complacent with my magical powers. I know this sounds strange but I have to know that this is what we all have. The magic to achieve our potential, if we so choose.

Magic is a word that is misunderstood I think. I think ever since I got a cat called Magic, it has really forced me to revisit the meaning. I guess I see it now as that thing we can tap if just let ourselves believe in it. I may be just talking crazy now to some but I have been too negative lately.

I recently got a few reminders that I am living an extraordinary life. I know there will always be people who are better off and worse off than me. But if I am to be honest with myself, I more or less let this happen. It was like just making the choices that supported the sparkling that I would sometimes see around me.

I went for a walk outside in the sun and the temperatures were summer-like. As I noticed the green grass and listened to the cheerful birds in the river valley, I became aware. I finally understand what it is to Let myself be content. I don`t think I could Make myself be content…because it is my natural state. And it is not what I have, or what is around me so much as what I have experienced. And that I built this is so overwhelming that I have to know that I have help. Not only with everyone around me or who has touched me, but something else. I don`t know what but God, aliens, fairies, collective consciousness, or whatever you want to call this energy that seems to manifest things.

Anyway. I suppose I just need to give because that seems to be the activator in this formula. Whatever it is that makes things “happen” it is more active when I am in a giving state. Maybe this creates flow. I don`t know that I will ever understand this stuff but I do know that as long as I am humble and helpful, it will work out.

So I went to Bikram today after taking the day off yesterday. But I went at 6am this morning, which is the first class of the day. It was awesome for many reasons but mostly because it went by so fast. And it was a great start to the day. I have gotten more work done today than in a long time and that makes me feel lighter.

Grateful for flow.

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