It`s been awhile since I have just written on a regular basis even when I didn`t really have anything to say. So May is a month of routines and setting healthy choices. For me, anyway. I have decided to do a few things this month to further myself. Since it apparently takes 21 days to make or break a habit, this will be my test. I have been known to be a bit commitment phobic in my past but I think (hope) I am maturing past that.

First thing I want to do is write regularly because it seems to be good for my mental health. I guess its good for me to get things out of my head so as to make room for new thoughts. Now I really don`t expect this next month to be very interesting but there may be the occasional nugget. But be prewarned that most of this will be rambling and random at best. I think that as I practice anything, I generally get better so maybe with time…

Another thing that I have just committed to is a month of Bikram yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga (or yoga hell, if you like). For those who don`t know, it`s basically ninety minutes of various hatha yoga postures in an extremely hot humid room. Over 3 million people can`t be wrong, with testimonials of overcoming diabetes, chronic pain and oodles of other therapeutic health benefits.

I tried it every day for a week back in March and it was pretty intense. The first few days were grueling but then after about day four, it (and/or I) lightened up. By day eight, I had accomplished a level of backbend pose (Ustrasana) that I wouldn`t have dreamed of in just one short week.

Today after completing Day One of Thirty, I realize I am pretty much back at the beginning. But the positive is that I know all the poses and spend less energy remembering what to do when. Now I have found a bit of a rhythm with the series of 26 poses. I can only imagine what it will be like near the end of the month. I did sweat like a dog today and was convinced that it was hotter than Johnny Depp munching a Habanero pepper in El Azizia. Ranging between 34-40 C (90-105 F), it can sometimes be hard to breathe much less hold Trikanasana (Triangle Pose).

Well enough about that. I am sure I won`t be so excited about this in a few weeks and I will have something else to talk about. Like this weird non-stop chirping that has been going on for the past few days. I am pretty sure there is some kind of bird convention going on up on the roof and being on the top floor, I have first row seats. It was a nice sound at first…but these are special birds. They don`t sleep. Anyway. For now I will just remember that this is one of the many splendid reminders that summer is well on it`s way.

Grateful for birdsongs.

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