Work and Play – Cozumel, Mexico

I had worked up something of an appetite so naturally gravitated towards the food. It turned out the rest of the TravelPodders had the same idea so we all sat together and munched away. It was nice to catch up and learn who had done what where. Some had gone to the ruins and some had stayed in town to shop.

We heard several others who had apparently had had perhaps a bit too much fun onshore. It felt much like college spring break ship full of rowdy frat boys. The yipping and yelling in the narrow hallways reverberated well into the public areas. I guess they had discovered the cheap beer and tequila. I guessed that there would a few less at dinner tonight if it kept up this way. I saw a hoard of them heading towards the bar and I turned and walked the other way.

I decided I should get a little bit of work done so I met up with Jessica for a little nerd out session. I don`t know what it is about working beside someone else but it seems to make a difference. I guess you motivated each other to some extent but then, if you are like me, you also distract each other as well. In any case, I needed a break from working inside the cabin so it was nice to have Jess to hang with.

During dinner we all shared our experiences of the day and it sounded like everyone enjoyed. I called it an early night as I had to be up relatively early to go for an acupuncture appointment. I have never tried it before but I have been curious for some time. I waddled back to my cabin after overstuffing myself silly. The food is just way too tasty and the desserts are a killer for bikini weather. After making some plans to meet up with the others the next day, I drifted off into a much earned sleep.

Grateful for fellow Travelpodders.

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