Ultimate relaxation – Costa Maya, Mexico

Conscious of the time, I lugged my new purchases back to the particular massage tent that I had originally decided on. There were many others but I really liked the energy from the one near the only tree in town. It was a family run business and I could tell they cared about what they did. I greeted the girl I had promised and she directed me to the only empty table left.

Anthony was my therapist and I informed him that I only had a short time so I would have to take only half an hour. He nodded with understanding as I stripped down to my bikini and lied face down on the towel covered table. He moved my bags of trinkets with care to the nearby chair then set his alarm on his cell phone. I exhaled deeply as he began to work out my knots in long even pressured strokes. I was impressed with how intuitive he was with his skillful hands going straight to the root of the problem.

As the minutes ticked away, my concern of getting back to the cruiseship on time melted away. I felt my body releasing into a deeper state of relaxation as I surrendered to the ocean waves rhythmically slurping the soft sandy beach.

I played through the scenario of having to take the expensive charter speedboat to catch up with the ship incase I missed it. “Whatever…this is soooo worth it”, I found myself thinking and toyed with the idea of telling Anthony to just give me the full hour or even extend it to two. He must have read my mind because the session lasted much longer than the half hour we had talked about. I tipped him on the 10 dollar pittance that was generally charged for a half hour.

Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I jumped back into one of the many cabs lining the sandy roads. By some strange coincidence, I got the same driver that had brought me there. I just sat back and let the wind from the open window cool my face. A whole new wave of calm splashed over me as I realized that my knotty upper back didn`t hurt anymore.

Grateful for massages on the beach.

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