May as well do some holidaying then… – Costa Maya, Mexico

I woke feeling only slightly hungover but I point out that Dom still provides a moderate headache. My tummy was still full from the feast we had just hours before when I rolled over to see Audrianna and Erin making their way out for the day. I was in no rush to get off the boat as I knew we were docked today making debarkation quick and painless.

I decided to sleep a little longer then enjoy a leisurely breakfast of oatmeal and fresh fruit salad while catching up on some work. I write the TravelPod newsletter every month and it never fails that I leave it to the last minute. I end up stressing myself silly about what to say and how to say it. Inevitably, it always works out but not before I blow a gasket due to writers block. I decided that rather than dreading the task, it would be far more productive to change my perspective.

I suffer from perfectionism to some extent and I often fear that my words will not be received well. It occurred to me as I was strolling aimlessly through the almost empty ship, that this was not the grueling task that I have made it out to be but a honor and privilege. So as soon as I shifted my thinking, I felt inspired once again to communicate using the eloquence of words. An extra spring in my step as I padded my way back to my cabin to get to work, I congratulated myself on solving this recurring dilemma.

All pumped up and ready to go I sprawled out on my freshly made stateroom bed and opened my laptop. Energy filled ideas swirled around in my brain then filtered down through my heart and out of my fingers as I clicked away on the keyboard. In order to convey myself properly and make sure that I am using facts, I needed to do a but of research. Unfortunately I hit a wall when trying to connect to the internet. Oh no, not again! I groaned as I called the front desk to inquire. I was told that the satellite was down and there would be no internet connection until later on, who knows when.

I surveyed my situation and concluded that perhaps this was a sign that I should get off the ship for a spell. Costa Maya is the only port that we were visiting that I hadn`t been to so it was logical that I should at least take a look. Perhaps the connectivity difficulties were a sign to get out for some fresh air and sun. I reasoned that at least I could get my souvenir shopping completed leaving me free to work in the other ports.

Grateful for technical difficulties.

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