Magical Artist – Costa Maya, Mexico

After being dropped just inside the front gates, I scurried back through the touristland. I past by a young man who was making elaborate art using spray paint and I just had to stop. I was absolutely entranced by this mans talent and could not stop staring.

I have seen spray paint can artists before but this certain style really resonated with me. He would combine planets with tropical landscapes mixed with sunrises and full moons. Oh how I would love to have one of these but alas, there just was no time. I shuffled my feet as I turned to walk back to the waiting ship.

It was at that moment that I noticed a large number of cruisegoers still browsing the shops. I asked an older gentleman who was just sort of wandering aimlessly if he could tell me the time. I guess with the time changes I had miscalculated and I had a good hour before the ship would leave.

I practically ran back to the painters tent but to my dismay, he wasn`t there. I looked around and noticed him sitting off in the distance eating a sandwich. I approached him and complimented him on his work. I asked if he would custom make me a picture and he nodded with a gentle smile. Despite my insistence that he finish his lunch first, he wouldn`t even consider it.

I explained to him what I envisioned as he began to prepare a fresh cardboard canvas. His style is strikingly similar to several dreams I have had so I tried to describe them. He paused just before he began and looked deep into my eyes. I felt a strong connection and I knew that he understood me. I watched in admiration as he created a masterpiece in less than 15 minutes. I ended up buying three. I had no problem paying the $25 each because no only were they one of a kind, but they were flawless.

The last painting he made included a floating pyramid out in space surrounded by planets and moons. When I described my vision he admitted he had never made anything like that. He wasn`t sure it would work. In the very least, it would be a great challenge. I asked him to try his best. “I believe you can do it” I let him know and do it he did. The modification turned out perfectly capturing exactly the magical mystical effect that I had imagined.

I got to chat with this talented artist from Quebec for just a short time before I had to sprint back to the ship. I was one of the very last people on board as I was really cutting it close. When I got about 50 meters away there were lots of people on their balconies cheering and clapping as I slowed to a jog. I was sweating profusely as I huffed and puffed up the gangway, my treasures in hand.

Grateful for imagination.

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