Experiences and ideas = Inspiration – Costa Maya, Mexico

After hauling my prizes back to my room (not an easy task when most of it is carved fishbone and soapstone), I laid out my paintings to dry. I had a short visit with the gang who were congregating in my room. After a short time, I had to politely ask for some space and quiet as I had to get my “write” on. After such a wonderful day, I had so much to say. The inspiration was oozing out of me like cream from an overfilled chocolate éclair. Oh yeah, I went and got snacks and coffee to give me some sustenance then I was off like a bullet.

I was relieved to see that the internet was back up though I really had no doubt. Nothing could stop me now. I plowed away at the newsletter and found my words flowing like white water rapids. I had gotten a good portion done when I heard a knock at my door. It was my fellow TravelPodders calling on me for dinner. I hopped to it and readied myself in a jiffy. Just before I slipped out the door, I grabbed my notebook. I had some great momentum and I didn’t want to give that up for dinner. I had a plan.

Dinner was a good one as I was in better spirits than I had been all week. My energy was high and it appeared so was everyone elses. I was able maneuver the discussions towards topics that could be useful for my research. The team was more than happy to discuss their ideas and experiences about volunteer work.

They were actually quite exuberant which just solidified my choice of topic for this month. I learned quite a few new things about my travelmates as well as some innovative ideas about volunteering globally. This is what happens when great minds unite. I felt honored to be part of such an intelligent and forward thinking group of visionaries.

By the end of dinner, I was equally full of delicious food (including not one or two, but three desserts) and insightful material. I hopped off back to my stateroom to harness that energy before it faded. I clicked away well into the evening finally finishing around 1am. I fell into my asleep that night with a sense of accomplishment and triumph.

Grateful for synergy.

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