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Experiences and ideas = Inspiration – Costa Maya, Mexico

After hauling my prizes back to my room (not an easy task when most of it is carved fishbone and soapstone), I laid out my paintings to dry. I had a short visit with the gang who were congregating in my room. After a short time, I had to politely ask for some space and quiet as I had to get my “write” on. After such a wonderful day, I had so much to say. The inspiration was oozing out of me like cream from an overfilled chocolate ├ęclair. Oh yeah, I went and got snacks and coffee to give me some sustenance then I was off like a bullet. read more

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Ultimate relaxation – Costa Maya, Mexico

Conscious of the time, I lugged my new purchases back to the particular massage tent that I had originally decided on. There were many others but I really liked the energy from the one near the only tree in town. It was a family run business and I could tell they cared about what they did. I greeted the girl I had promised and she directed me to the only empty table left. read more

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Souvenir City – Costa Maya, Mexico

I got my self together into a sunhat and dress with my bikini underneath, just in case. I walked down the gangway and meandered down the long cement dock towards the shops. The same type of set up as Belize, there was an assortment of shops, restaurants, bars, and artists making up this village exclusively for cruise passengers. read more

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May as well do some holidaying then… – Costa Maya, Mexico

I woke feeling only slightly hungover but I point out that Dom still provides a moderate headache. My tummy was still full from the feast we had just hours before when I rolled over to see Audrianna and Erin making their way out for the day. I was in no rush to get off the boat as I knew we were docked today making debarkation quick and painless. read more

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Magical Artist – Costa Maya, Mexico

After being dropped just inside the front gates, I scurried back through the touristland. I past by a young man who was making elaborate art using spray paint and I just had to stop. I was absolutely entranced by this mans talent and could not stop staring. read more

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