Snowy Cirque de Ice Capades – Belize City, Belize

After getting back from the tender, I decided to try and have a little nap. I called all the others to remind them that we had tickets to the ice skating show at 7pm. We all met up in the hallway and then made our way to the bottom level where the ice skating rink is located. I know it sounds strange to have a giant slab of ice on a boat that is plowing through the Caribbean. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right? I chose this ship purposely because of the ice skating rink and rock climbing wall.

All nine of us sat together and waited for the show to start. We barely had time to give a brief overview of how our day went before the show started. I was a little surprised at how big the rink was and that so many people could fit into this multi-tiered theatre seating. I noticed that there were giant TVs near the top for those who may not be able to see. But throughout the show, they were not used and I can understand why…there really didn`t seem to be a bad seat in the house.

Very much like Ice Capades, these talented athletes flew around the stage of ice with such grace and speed. The costumes were something else and I couldn`t stop admiring the detail in the flowing wings made of iridescent fabric. The head dresses were feathery and delicate yet their sheer height left me wondering how the performers could balance much less see. They were dressed as a bunch of fairylike angels and quirky aliens from some other dimension.

The costumes changed several times and each was that much different than the last. I was impressed to say the least and wondered how I could make something like this. Perhaps my favorite was the Chess series when the clever lighting changed to make the ice into life size chessboard. The ice skaters came out in costumes that represented the main players in a game of chess. They colors were represented in red and white with the sides even, one for one.

They proceeded to have a “battle of the colors” with the king and queen matched to their counterparts. The knights had a skate off as well as the rest of the “pieces” who would slash through the ice like no ones business. The choreography was set to fun tunes and matched perfectly to please a vast variety of musical tastes. At the end of the of the ice dance the audience would choose the winner by applause.

I think I enjoyed the young man from Japan the most as his speed and accuracy were awesome. He completed cleanly several quite difficult tricks with confident ease. I also really liked the pairs which were quite romantic as couples figure skating usually is. There was also a very comical clown/ring master who almost stole the show with his charisma and talent.

The highlight of the night was a young woman from Canada who did some gravity defying tricks with a hoop. Her flexibility and precision were awe inspiring as she flipped around and spun like a top. The ring was lifted up and she held on performing her next segment 10 feet above the ice, with no safety gear. Like a mystical bird in her round perch swing creating magic.

I was inspired by her lithe muscles as they bulged displaying such incredible strength…time to get back into my yoga. She would wrap her self around weaving in and out of her circular prop sometimes spinning into a blur. This act had very strong resemblance of something one would see at cirque du soliel. It was clear that this was a crowd favorite my fellow passengers were generous with the ohhs, ahhs and applause.

I have to admit that the entire show was quite a treat and I would have liked to see it again. The room had limited capacity and there were several shows in order to give everyone a chance to have a turn. Perhaps the best moment of all was when you just didn`t think it could get any better, the music, the lights, the double axles and triples being thrown…suddenly, it began snow.

First it was just a few flakes but before long the theater was transformed into a full blown blizzard. It was fantastical and the entire crowd giggled like children. I even spotted a full grown man sticking his tongue out to catch a snowflake. A snowstorm in the middle of the Caribbean ocean? You bet.

Grateful for skill.

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