Bubbly from the bubbles – Ocean, Belize

After a yummy dinner with the gang, Audrianna and I decided to go for a few drinks. We wandered about here and there but nowhere was really catching our interest. The English-style pub was too dark and the sports bar was too boring. The Latino bar was too loud and the piano bar was full of oldies.

So we ended up at the nightclub which is called the Chamber. Decorated in a Gothic style, the two level club was not very busy but the few that were dancing were tearing it up. We grabbed a few girlie drinks then perched ourselves on the balcony to watch the dance party ensuing below. Everyone on it must have been over 40 and several would have been closer to 60, I am sure. But they had so much life and spirit that I couldn`t take my eyes off them. They didn`t care who was watching…they were having a good old time dancing to favorites like Billie Idol, B-52s, and Michael Jackson.

After a while, we decided to make our way somewhere a little more conducive to conversation. We had made a new friend and the three of us headed to the Champagne bar. We were sipping on Bellinis discussing ethics when an older gentleman who was sitting at the bar chimed in. We invited him to join us and he did so, bringing along his bottle of Dom Perignon. JR bragged on about his beloved wife and how lucky he was. He told us his life story during which he proceeded to purchase two more bottles of the very expensive champagne. He generously filled up our glasses again and again by the end of it, we were just as bubbly as our drink.

At about 4am the bartender regretted that we had drunk the bar dry. We wandered down the promenade which was quite quiet save for us. I was hungry and knew that I had better get something into my stomach. No matter how many times they assured me that with Dom, I wouldn`t get a hangover, I refused to relent. I needed something to soak up my alcohol or I would definitely be feeling it tomorrow.

As the 24 hour café was out of food, we settled for the very last morsel which was not much more than a crumb of lemon cake. What? No pizza? No sandwiches? No cookies? What was this world coming to? Ugh. You know how it is when you get your mind on something. So Audrianna and I bid our new friends goodnight and puttered back to her cabin.

We proceeded to order the entire room service menu complete with burgers, salads, desserts and even potato chips. I sat on the bed picking out our feast while Audrianna dealt with the phone. They warned us that our monster order would take about an hour and a half as they were running behind. Without missing a beat, Aud pled with them to hurry as she was diabetic. Well, she’s not diabetic yet but after all the sugar consumed on this holiday it wouldn’t surprise me if we all didn’t have it by the end. In any case, the Room Service staff must have believed her because our food turned up 20 minutes later. We munched it all up and watched an old episode of the Jeffersons on the cabin TV before turning into bed.

Grateful for sophistication.

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