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Bubbly from the bubbles – Ocean, Belize

After a yummy dinner with the gang, Audrianna and I decided to go for a few drinks. We wandered about here and there but nowhere was really catching our interest. The English-style pub was too dark and the sports bar was too boring. The Latino bar was too loud and the piano bar was full of oldies. read more

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Snowy Cirque de Ice Capades – Belize City, Belize

After getting back from the tender, I decided to try and have a little nap. I called all the others to remind them that we had tickets to the ice skating show at 7pm. We all met up in the hallway and then made our way to the bottom level where the ice skating rink is located. I know it sounds strange to have a giant slab of ice on a boat that is plowing through the Caribbean. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right? I chose this ship purposely because of the ice skating rink and rock climbing wall. read more

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Tourist Trap – Belize City, Belize

Tuesday morning I woke quite early to the sound of the captain over the intercom system out in the hallway. I deciphered something about tenders heading into Belize City and then stopped listening. I know this drill all too well. When you go into a port on a cruise ship, there are two options. One is driving right up to the port and passengers debarking off a gangway. The other option is getting onto little speed boats called tenders that shuttle you into the dock. read more

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