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TravelPodders take Miami – Miami Beach, Florida, United States

I finally have a moment to capture a few of the memories of the last few days. Jess and I are sitting on the Promenade Deck in the 24 hour coffee and treat shop. We both have been having trouble focusing (she too works in a virtual office) so we made a work date. I have been indulging my procrastination demon and find myself distracted by anything and everything. read more

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Up up and away – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Well I made in onto the plane so I am relieved to know that my passport works. People have been having issues with customs and border controls because of some “list” which classifies some people as risky. I am glad to know that I am not considered in that category. I have heard of people missing entire trips because of this strange new practice which is part of the new safety regulations. They sure are trying to make it hard to travel and though it may discourage some, it only makes my resolve that much stronger. read more

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