Castle in the Sky

Things have been really peaceful. I seem to have found my groove and not a moment to late. I understand now that everything happens as it should, when it should. In the past, I have had terrible timing. Come to think of it, I probably still do. But now I let go of when I think things should happen and just accept that most of the time (with a few exceptions like brushing my teeth) that they just will. If they are meant to, that is.

I suppose the logic to this is that once I decide in my head and heart on something, subconsciously I do things to bring about that result. The “universe” also begins conspiring to give me what I asked for. I don`t quite know how that works but it seems to most of the time, as long as it brings me closer to my higher good. Luckily, I am getting better in tune with my higher self so I generally don`t ask for things that are not in alignment with my path.

So I have been in my new condo for a week now and I am loving it more each day. I don`t know how this is possible but it is happening. I feel so at peace here and find myself in a really really calm space. It is super quiet up here and sometimes I feel I have the whole floor to myself. I have never seen my neighbors. The paper in front of their door goes missing at some point in the day so I know they exist.

The cool thing is that when I get in the elevator, there is never anyone in it. Perk of being on the top floor so sometimes I take a running start and cartwheel in there…just because I can. I have also gotten to quite like “picking people up” along the way down. I don`t even mind the dropping them off on the way up. After the last person gets out, I start stretching, feet up on the walls and everything.

I am enjoying my dishwasher immensely. I find myself cooking more elaborate meals and eating much better now that I don`t have to dread the dishes. It does take a while to fill up with just me and Magic here. Magic doesn`t contribute in the dirtying of many dishes, that is for sure. I guess that means I should enlist help by having more dinner parties.

Last weekend, I had my first get together when Phil, Marcia, Colin, Elena and Chris came over. We had P & M`s homemade sweet red vino along with salty snacks while we watched Borat. It was interesting at the very least and good for a couple of laughs at the very most. Elena who is still trying to grasp English asked me if the movie was based on a true character. I told her probably not but it`s possible with all the crazies out there these days. She nodded solemnly agreeing that “one never knows.”

Magic is so happy in our new home and lets me know regularly with her endearingly sweet cat squeaks. She has an extra spring in her step and finds the carpet much more fun to dart around on. The hardwood in the old place sometimes sent her spinning into the wall, much to her own embarrassment. He she seems to know her limits and her accuracy is bang on. She has even learned how to let me wake up before crawling all over me in the morning licking my face. I usually find her sitting patiently on my dresser as the sun breaks the day, eyes fixated in a very intense “wake up wake up wake up” kind of stare.

Most of all, I enjoy sitting cross legged on the soft carpet beside my bedroom window. I can watch for hours the life and world going on around me perched up in my castle in the sky. From the early morning joggers to the rush hour traffic inching across the Highlevel Bridge. I am transfixed by the shades of yellow that the morning sun paints the buildings to the west. I find peace and almost never miss the dramatic sunsets which intensify from orange to pink to red before sinking below the horizon.

The other night I sat quietly watching the stars before turning into bed. My eyes were drawn to an extraordinary lightshow over the northwest part of the city. I watched the slivers of vivid vertical lights dance around randomly. At first I thought it was some sort of spotlight but after a few minutes I realized they were the Northern Lights. It was past 1am so I couldn`t call anyone to alert them to the amazing spectacle, as I usually do. I just sat quietly and appreciated their splendor and this moment for what it was. A few minutes later, they had disappeared as if to send me to bed. And my dreams…well that is another story completely.

Grateful for tranquility.

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