Many precious hands

Once in a while, a person like me who takes a lot of risk, ends up dropping a few balls. Things have been so overwhelming in my life lately. I basically bit off more than I could chew. There have been just so many major shifts and changes, going on around me, that I had a meltdown. Normally I would be ok but I forgot to factor in the unexpected problems that occasionally rear their ugly head. Between finances, work, social, and physical issues, it appeared I had overestimated myself.

It`s strange when you see yourself somewhere great and you are sure of it. At first glance, you think to yourself “Really? I could have that?” You don`t know the how but you just KNOW that you are meant to be there. I guess that is what happened here. This in between part, I didn`t quite understand it then but here it is.

Sometimes it`s hard to ask for help. But I had to. My health was deteriorating rapidly over the past few weeks. When you are supposed to be so strong and so independent, it`s tough to admit when you can`t do it. But moving time is like having a “get out of jail free” card. You can call up your family and they are just there. I know that maybe some people take this for granted. I don`t. I agonized about it for weeks. I remember having to work myself up to making the phone calls. I actually lost quite a bit of sleep over what type of food I should provide to make sure they were well nourished to be able to work. I was stressing over how to let them know how much I appreciated this. Sure they have helped me in the past, but this time, I really needed them. I was in crisis and could not dig myself out alone.

The morning of the move, my parents came first. My mom packed stuff up while my dad and I went to get the furniture that would make my new office space. I cannot tell you the relief I feel to actually have an area of the house allocated to my job. This is absolutely essential for anyone who works from home. Otherwise, your kitchen, your living room, and your bedroom somehow become “workspace”. I have learned this is very unhealthy as it is for certain one of the major contributors to my problems of late.

My sisters family showed up first and we began shifting things from the third floor to the twentieth. As there are three elevators in the building, we were able to allocate one exclusively for the move. My brothers family came and everyone started working like crazy! Some were moving, some were packing, some were cleaning. It was like an assembly line and I was utterly amazed at how well we were working together. I remember thinking on one of the loooong elevator ride up how loved I felt. They were here for me. Helping me. They love me. Wow.

Shauna and Mom worked tirelessly scrubbing the old condo into perfection. The guy who is going to rent this place will surely feel the love. My nephews Jonah, Nubian, and Khaalid were integral in getting things done. They were running the elevators to the storage rooms to the garbage making sure everything was in its proper place.

Trina and my nephews helped arrange and assemble the new furniture. Then once the men were finished moving the big stuff, they morphed into “doozers” and began putting things together. As fast as my big brothers, Paul and Omari, were constructing, my nephews were deconstructing the boxes and garbage. It was endearing to watch my family working together to support me and build my new place. Chandra came with some hugs, coffee and food which was an absolute lifesaver because after all that planning, I had forgotten.

When everything was set up, done and cleaned, they left me with waves and smiles and hugs. I sat stunned in my new home and almost cried because I felt so overwhelmed. But finally it wasn`t due to stress but from the gratitude that I have for my amazing people. Angels. That is what they are to me.

Thank You to My Family. Who have provided a solid base. No matter what…I can count on them. Families are awesome at moving time. They come together and create an energy that really reminds me what love is all about. At a time when I was at my weakest, they all came together and lifted me (and all my stuff!) up! Literally!

So. That was the in between part. How I get from here to there. It is only with the hands of my family and their never-ending belief in me. So I saw a lofty goal and jumped…just as doubt began to creep in and I started to lose altitude, my family came through. They reminded me without words that I was worthy.

Today I am grateful to have a family that believes in me. It is truly the greatest gift.

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