Moving Up

The cat (as I have resorted to calling her until she is fixed) has finally calmed down from her hormone holiday. She does however have this terrible habit of sleeping all day then terrorizing the house all night. She likes to run up on me while I am sleeping and screech in my ear with a very concerned look on her face. Then once she is satisfied that I am fully awake and startled into oblivion, she grins then runs off and hides. I have tried to tell her this is not a fun game but she doesn`t seem to get it. If anyone knows why she does this or how to curb this crazy making behavior, please let me know.

I had been suffering a mild case of insomnia and had gone about two days without sleep. I was trying with all my might to get some rest but no matter what, I kept awake. I would lay in bed for hours then crawl out in frustration. Sleep was no where near. Though my body was tired, my mind would not stop. And if I got near sleep, the cat would creep up and let out a scream that would put a fire engine to shame.

So I would just continue working (TravelPod must be happy with my 24 hour a day availability) hoping that soon my mind would tire. It was about 530pm when I trudged back to my computer yet again after another unsuccessful sleep attempt. Just as I sat down, I saw that there was a notice that a suite in my building had just gone up for sale. I like to keep track of the Edmonton real estate market and see where things are going. It`s a hobby of mine that keeps me in the know as my investments are mainly property based.

I had a strange feeling as I clicked on the mail but I attributed it to the sleep deprivation. Suddenly, I had to catch my breath. Out of 200 suites, there are only two that I would ever consider buying. The layout, view and where they are situated in the building would make them the only ones worth the effort it would take to move again. And here all of a sudden, was my first choice priced very attractively.

I just sat stunned for a minute. I had made the decision a while ago to jump on the upgrade if it ever came available. But I didn`t think it would happen so soon! After all, I am completely content truly loving my four month old condo. I knew that I had to think fast because our current market is so hot, that nothing lasts. In such a strong economy, there is no time to think. You either do, or don`t. And my instant reaction was do.

I changed out of my pajamas and into street clothes but I kept my slippers on. As I walked to the elevator, I wondered out loud “What am I doing!?” It was 530pm and the people were probably not even home from work yet. Then I reasoned that it was probably not even owner occupied but leased to tenants. I decided that if the owners answered the door, then it was meant to be.

I stepped off the elevator and realized I had never been to the 20th floor before. It was a long ride up from three. It took me a second to register what all the PH prefixes before each suite number stood for. I walked down to the end and nervously knocked not too loud but not too soft. Seconds later, a smiling face opened the door. I introduced myself and asked them if they were the owners. Affirmative.

Grateful for conviction.

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