Birthday Night (and the morning after)

I ended up just getting up and dressing for the night. I headed over to Jens new apartment for a dinner party. It was super fun times and we ate gourmet Indian fare compliments of David. We all pitched in but he was the mastermind behind the operation. After filling my tummy, I was off on the go again to the party. I stopped in at home to grab a few things and decided to try yet again to grab a 15 minute nap. How else would I make it through the night?!?

I drifted for about 5 minutes when knock knock knock at my door jolted me up. Marcia and Phil had come to pick me up so we could carpool. We arrived and the hugs began along with many gifts and cards. I was overwhelmed with the creativity of my friends and the amount of effort put into these tokens of love.

Just like last year, Petra, Alaina and I were having a triple birthday party. But we decided to get to get a bigger venue and it is a good thing we did. The place was packed and between the three of us, we had a good cross section of all my favorite people. The music was class and I was honored to have so many talented DJs spinning for us. I danced and visited the whole night through with an abundance of laughs throughout.

At the end of the night (or the beginning of the morning as it was 5am), we were presented with a huge slice of tiramisu birthday cake. Everyone sang to us in unison and I almost cried. We fed each other a few bites of the creamy sweet extravagance then made sure everyone else got a taste.

We headed back to the Hippy House for the after party and danced some more. I was getting tired but I managed to keep myself coherent for the next few hours. It was so nice to visit and chat with everyone. Then I realized that in just under an hour at 1pm, I had three sets of prospective tenants to interview! No sleep and partying all night…oh dear. Typical Carmella…oh well, if anyone could do it, I can.

Grateful for Birthday Parties!

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