Birthday Day – Whatever I want?

So my birthday was pretty fantastic. The night before I went to a wonderful “Dream Circle” which was not on inspiring but quite enlightening. And I thought I knew everything about my dreams? Apparent not! I have dreams I didn`t even know I had. Cool!

So I ended up having a sleepover at Chandras and we stayed up almost all night talking. I was woken by my sister and nephews singing me Happy Birthday on the phone! I could tell this was going to be a great day.

I went home and had a leisurely morning. Erin was taking me for my birthday lunch and let me chose wherever I wanted! I had heard good things about “Flavors”, a new restaurant on Whyte Ave so we went there. I was feeling quite chipper tho a little tired form not sleeping much the night before. One coffee fixed that up!

I ate my favorite, salmon with mango sauce and very well spiced gnooci. It was tender just enough without filling me too much for dessert. We were getting really late for the movie but I really wanted cake so we got it to go.

In the 10 minute car ride, we managed to devour an entire flourless gooey chocolate cake surrounded it cream. All with our fingers! I also had it all over my jacket but I didn`t care. It was heaven! I don`t have a clue if other people saw because we were so into it. I mentioned that I probably shouldn`t be driving because this was going to make me orgasm! SO good.

We arrived to the movie theater and parked very close to the door…what a coincidence! As we rushed into the theater we found that we really were not that late at all. It had just started. As I settled in, I glance around. The place was about half full and we were the only adults without kids. I giggled to myself.

I loved the story of Charlotte`s Web when I was quite little. I remember crying and crying it touched me so. Well. Lets just say the more things change, the more they stay the same. The waterworks began after the first 10 mins and didn`t stop until the very end. I kept blowing my nose so people wouldn`t be able to see my over-emotional state. No use. I loved it! I was just what I needed. A good long cry. Awesome. Afterwards, I thanked Erin for the most wonderful day! She said, “Ofcourse! It`s your Birthday! You get to have whatever you want on your birthday!” I confess, I did not know that.

I was quite knackered so was planned to home and have a sleep. I tried and tried but I was just to excited. I knew it was going to be a long night but I would just have to call on my reserves because there was no shut eye for me.

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