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Birthday Day – Whatever I want?

So my birthday was pretty fantastic. The night before I went to a wonderful “Dream Circle” which was not on inspiring but quite enlightening. And I thought I knew everything about my dreams? Apparent not! I have dreams I didn`t even know I had. Cool!

So I ended up having a sleepover at Chandras and we stayed up almost all night talking. I was woken by my sister and nephews singing me Happy Birthday on the phone! I could tell this was going to be a great day. read more

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Birthday Night (and the morning after)

I ended up just getting up and dressing for the night. I headed over to Jens new apartment for a dinner party. It was super fun times and we ate gourmet Indian fare compliments of David. We all pitched in but he was the mastermind behind the operation. After filling my tummy, I was off on the go again to the party. I stopped in at home to grab a few things and decided to try yet again to grab a 15 minute nap. How else would I make it through the night?!? read more

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