Magic the Love Machine

My cat is driving me bonkers! Magic is about a year old now (no one really knows for sure as she was a stray kitten) and seems to be finding her self. She is maturing into a sex crazed fiend who seems to go into heat more often than I have to vacuum! My pure and wholesome ball of fur is now a howling harlot on a mission.

The last time this happened about two weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet and scheduled her to get spayed. I really wanted to keep her natural and intact. I thought maybe she would want to have babies one day and didn`t want to take away her “right to choose”. Ok. Now I see the error in that. As aware and intelligent a feline as she is, she is still an animal. She would clearly not be discriminate and would probably just mate constantly if given the chance. Fair is fair but it`s not fair to make me want to lock her up every time she gets in the “mood” for days at a time.

The constant flinging her self around in front of me and writhing about uncontrollably is dreadful. Her caterwauling is making me grind my teeth and has me on my last nerve. The decibel level of her shrieking and agonizing whine must be higher than an Oiler`s playoff game! As I could still hear Magic the maniac two floors away while going down the stairwell. She is has rubbed up and grinded against every solid surface in the house. It`s actually quite creepy when she throws her body full force at things in a fit of passion.

We just went through this less than a month ago so it is clear she has a higher than normal sex drive. This is a little unsettling. My cute and innocent little kitty has turned into a raging nymphet on the hunt for some action. This Jekyll and Hyde behavior has got to stop! She has officially turned from over friendly to downright freaky.

So most of my time at home lately is spent practicing patience and tolerance. When I do get overcome with compassion, I will pick her up and give her some cuddles. But instead of purring, she makes this agonizing whimper. It`s not nice.

Just you wait my mad little minx…we will have you fixed in no time. And then hopefully I can get some peace!

Grateful for veterinarians.

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