The best medicine

After I went to the doctor, it didn`t take too long to start feeling better. I began getting some serious motivation and all sorts of things that I had been procrastinating got done. Almost like magic, things just started falling off my To Do list. It felt great because when one is ill, there is not much that gets accomplished so there was a bit of a backlog.

I started getting visitors and that really helped my mood. Sweet Lisa came over with some medicine for me. We got to catch up a bit after her recent return from Finland. She finally got to visit my new place and did quite like it. We decided that once it gets nicer, we will do some serious jogging in the trails nearby.

Chris and I went for sushi downstairs after I finally forgave them for the terrible dining experience I had a few months ago. I had boycotted them for a while but decide it was time to bury the hatchet. The owner was so nice that he even gave us dinner on the house when he heard about what had happened. Chris was kind enough to help me with choosing a new laptop. He knows about these things. We got to have a quality talk and found it interesting that we could find the answers to our own problems in listening to someone else`s story.

Stephanie came over one night and we started making Vision Boards. We drank chai tea with some chocolate cake and laughed at our Hawaii video setting a positive vibe to create. We borrowed this idea from the movie “The Secret” which I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in achieving their dreams. We sat on the floor cutting out all sorts of inspirational images and words symbolizing that which we want to “attract” into our lives.

Chandra popped by after work bringing some yummy sushi to snack on. How I have missed her! She has been off in BC for the past few weeks and we had a lot of catch up on. A good solid sharing session was all we needed to get ourselves back on track and back into our groove. I love that.

Erin came over for tea and we got to share about how strange it is to blend the travel life with the home life. We also found that we are interested in taking some of the same classes and decided that this may be a plan for the future. I have to admit I am a bit hesitant as it`s been SO long since I have had to sit in a classroom.

I got to introduce Jen to the Upper Crust which has the best dessert ever, Sticky Toffee Pudding. I can decide what I enjoyed more: Our uplifting and heartfelt chat or the look of absolute bliss on her face when she tasted this heavenly delight. Jen is taking voice lessons and appears to be really transforming her life. Truly an angel, I can`t wait to hear her sing!

Trina and I wanted to hang out but couldn`t decide what to do. So we did what any two sisters should do on a Friday afternoon. We went to the mall! It must have been ages since we did that and I really can`t remember the last time. We found some excellent sales and treated ourselves to a few new items. We chatted over lunch in the food court and shared our recent success with each other. I feel so happy inside that our connection is getting stronger again. I love my sister.

I am so truly blessed to have such an array of fantastic friends. I feel almost completely better and I know that it has a lot to do with the loving kindness all around me. There is such beauty and grace flowing so freely into my life through these wonderful people. I am touched by the levels of compassion and caring generated from our interactions.

Grateful for affection.

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