SuperFriends Sparkler Games Night

It had been a long time since we had a Superfriends event so I took the initiative and planned one. I called it the Superfriends Sparkler Game Night at Carmella`s new pad. I invited all the original members as well as a few new recruits. I rushed around on Monday trying to get everything ready before the guests would arrive at 7:30pm. My awesome and ever helpful father went out of his way to pick up the games and the missing cake pan.

Elena was a lifesaver and assisted me in tidying up and doing last minute chores. I was so grateful to have the help! We arranged chips, salsa and tortillas, carrots, bread and an assortment of dips as well as a selection of cookies. I was just finishing up the adding the pineapple and coconut to the Angel food cake batter when the first guests arrived.

Dave brought me a very cool book on meditation that he had thoughtfully picked up for me after our last chat about Buddhism. Don followed presenting me with the ever hilarious game called Jenga. Morgan gave me a vanilla scented massage bar loaded with fine iridescent sparkles. I have always admired this product when perusing Lush but never allowed myself to pamper myself with this luxury. JP brought me a homemade CD as well as a shiny disco ball which is perfectly sized to hang from my rearview mirror. Now I will truly have a disco hippy car.

We made the introductions and got acquainted while playing a warm up game of Jenga. Next we opted on playing Pictionary which we figured would be easiest as we had some “imports” in our presence. As I didn`t have straws handy, I improvised using long and short screws my dad had given me to hang my pictures. So we had the Short Screw team and the Long Screw team. After an animated session of competitive drawing, sketching and much excited yelling, the game was decided as we both landed on the last square. Although the Long Screws beat us, it was only by a hair and truth be told, we LET them win. After all, who could keep track when they would change the rules every other turn!

We snacked on the Tropical Angel Food cake and played a heated game of charades. Perhaps the most comical was when Don tried as sexily as he could to portray “slender.” Phil tried to describe with tact to Elena some of the more “challenging” words that came up. Next we tried to decipher Elenas Latina accent to translate the clues from MadGab. Finally, the perfect game for someone learning English!

We gave Magic some catnip so she too could join in the fun. We watched in utter shock as she proceeded to grab the entire pile with both her paws while sitting on her hind legs like a rabbit. She then furiously rubbed it all over her face greedily, inhaling as much of it as possible. Next she just froze then went kinda melty and toppled over like a tree…TIMBER! It was remarkable how much she reminded me of some desperate addict getting their fix. She then entertained us with convulsions of euphoria and drug induced delirium.

The night was truly a success and all my guests thanked me for the wonderful time. I was so happy to have been able to host and share my new space with them. We all promised that we would not let the next Superfriends event fall to far away.

Grateful for games.

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