Fairytale Fun, Hot Chocolate and Cookies

I woke up in the late afternoon and eventually found my way down to the gym for a workout. Phil and Elena were already there so I jumped on the bike and got started. I was surprised at just how much energy I had and how strong I felt. I managed quite a long set at increased weights and realized that my dedication was finally paying off.

We chatted all about the party and I enjoyed hearing Elena`s recollection of the nights events. I lost myself in meditation on the bike but every so often when I would hear her struggling with a word or phrase, I would automatically offer a translation. After a long yet almost effortless round of training, we all headed into the pool. We swam around like fish and played while stretching our well worked muscles in the gentle cool water.

Finally, I noticed Phil and Elena had stopped for sometime and were shivering. They both remarked sheepishly how chilly they were. I laughed at my charming soggy friends and suggested we be done for the day. I suppose they are used to warmer waters where they are from so we would have to ease them into it.

Phil invited us up to his for hot chocolate and cookies before bed. After showering and changing into my fuzzy fleece pajamas, I picked up Elena on the 9th floor and we made our way up to 15. Marcia was just pouring the homemade rich chocolaty goodness into mugs as Phil greeted us at the door. We all sprawled out on the floor with cushions and watched an episode of Fairy Tale Theatre. It was one of my favorite stories, Cinderella, and we got to watch a very young Matthew Brodrick play the Prince.

Snacking on homemade Australian style cake, cookies, and Chinese crackers we all reverted into kid mode. I felt like I was 10 again and the little girl inside me was giggling at the novelty of the situation. It was like Friends meet Saturday morning cartoons at a slumber party. A bizarre yet very cool feeling and I felt so grateful to have such fun people to share such things with.

Grateful for bedtime stories.

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