My Cuban friends` first Canadian Party

Elena, Laura and I got ready together then made our way to the Clubhouse where the party was being held. Atlantis – Aquarius Mojave was the theme and the underwater opulence abounded throughout every room. The décor was fantabulous and the vibe was pumping the good energy from our heads to our toes.

It took some time to take the girls around introducing them to everyone. It really sank in just how many friends I have! I felt quite fortunate to be among such bright and colorful people. We boogied until our feet couldn’t take it anymore and then we sat down for a rest. More and more familiar faces just kept pouring in throughout the night and the smiles just got bigger.

Elena had never seen poi, flags or staff spinning before so I was honored to show her. In the black lights it was quite spectacular and it was cool so see her face. It is a rare treat for me to see someones reaction to it for the first time. Her eyes lit up like a child and I could tell she was impressed. What a gift to be able to share!

Finally, at around 6am, we called it a night and I mustered up my last bit of energy for the drive home. It was still dark but I knew the sun was to arrive soon so I had better get my butt into bed. I barely remember my head hitting the pillow I slept so hard.

Grateful for introductions.

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