Braided Paths

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with gratitude. I have these moments when I realize I have everything I have ever wanted, I am everything I hoped to be, and I am whole. I guess its something that maybe many take for granted but for me, it has been a struggle. The first stage of my life was trying and I have had moments when I had to fight hard not to give up. I remember sleeping for long periods of time just to escape from this world which wasn`t at all how I thought it should be.

Now, more than ever, I am waking up in a way I never would have imagined. It`s like having a glimpse into a mystical enchanted forest and knowing that in my hand, I hold the key. This is a curious time for me. I have had many strange realizations only to hear them echo when I try to tell my close friends. These experiences, these times, these momemts, these knowings. The parallels and sychronicities abound. I seem to be connecting with many people who are on the same frequency as I.

My life seems to be braiding. I think that things are flowing now and the natural path that I am meant to be on is unfolding just so gracefully. Wow. I stumble over my words because they cannot even begin to convey the beauty in life that I am seeing. This is something between dreams and reality.

I am about to introduce Elena and her sister to my friends who have been tirelessly setting up for what is going to be one of the biggest parties of the year. When I went to get the tickets yesterday, I had a glimpse of the magic that will be this party called Atlantis -Aquarius Mojave. Now, Elena and Laura are coming over to get ready so I must away…there are dreams to be made…

Grateful for shifts of perception.

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