Unexpected Discoveries

I have been maintaining my Road to Purity resolution with strong diligence. I feel a lot higher energy and am noticing quite a lot more peace in my life. I have even made through a few parties without partaking of any “mood enhancers.” Perhaps the best moment was when I was sitting quietly enjoying the music at Mel`s birthday bash and Ken came strolling by with a tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream. ICE CREAM! It was only one spoon but so delightfully decadent. It really made my night.

I have been to the gym everyday and naturally have been meeting others from my building. A few weeks ago at Shelly`s party, I met some guys from 6 who I see pumping iron occasionally. Among my new acquaintances are 15th floor Phil, a budding Paleontologist from Australia and 9th floor Cuban Elena who is just learning English. I really enjoyed speaking with Elena as I could pepper in some of my limited Spanish.

I had to go buy new shoes at the running store around the corner and who did I find working there? Elena! We talked a bit more and learned we have some of the same interests. She also works in the old movie theatre across the street from our building and I thought that would be a fun part time job to have. I even considered applying to work there a couple days a week…free movies!

I have been plugging along so well with my workouts that I am seeing some pretty noticeable results. Then all of a sudden, I went downstairs to try out my new kicks when I noticed a big OUT OF ORDER sign on the treadmill. I was bummed to say the least. I enjoy running over 5 miles a day and the bike just doesn`t cut it for me.

Elena who happened to be there when I walked in, noticed the disappointment on my face. She encouraged me to just “TRY” the bike so I did. I told her it just wasn`t the same so I would have to figure out something else until my favorite machine was repaired.

The next day, I went to my parents and used their treadmill but decided that was a one time deal. My dad was very annoyed by me running in his sacred TV watching space. I guess they are getting older and can`t handle much disturbance. As their treadmill is not quiet, I decided to leave them in peace and search out another option to satisfy my cardio needs.

I asked the building management if I could run up and down the stairswells and through the hallways. She said yes at first just advising me gently not to run into people. Shortly after she rescinded her decision when she imagined me slipping on the steps and breaking my head open.

It was time to face the facts. I resigned and bit the bullet. I suited up and did the unthinkable. I, Carmella who abhors winter coldness in every size shape and color, went out jogging in the snow. And not just a little run. I lasted for just under an hour. I couldn`t believe I was now like one of those freaks I laugh at from my warm cozy condo as they dash by on the trail. There is a running club around the corner so they usually come in herds and I never bore of watching them hustle by. You know the type in florescent lycra and spandex gear who run like aliens and speed walk wagging their non existent butts behind them?

I have often wondered just how these superhuman athletes could stand the cold, running in even the thickest of storms. I will admit, I did admire their dedication and determination, just a little. And now, I would be lumped in with “them” but there`s no way I am putting on any neon yellow or flaming orange tights. Not on this planet!

As I began to run, it didn`t take long before I realized that this was not so bad after all. Infact, I wasn`t really cold at all and the fresh cool air seemed to almost revitalize my lungs. If it were not for my sniffley nose which I had to keep wiping on my scarf, I would have been good to go for at least 5 miles. There was something magical and serene about the peaceful stillness of the quiet winter night around me. The only sound was the tap tap tap of my feet on the snow packed trails surrounded by the huge snow glazed trees lining the valley. I couldn`t believe that even in the dead of night, the snow could twinkle just like the stars.

Grateful for persistence.

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