Feeling the Frosties

We are officially into winter, according to my standards anyway. Though the calendar says it is not until December 21st but I know better. The snow is here to stay and no amount of plus temperatures are going to change that. The snow comes down almost daily now dressing the thousands of trees that line the river valley in elegant white gowns. When the sun comes out which is quite often, they sparkle and twinkle reflecting her rays.

The thin naked branches are no longer desolate with this fluffy thick element of nature adorning their length. The spruce, evergreen and pine trees live for this season, their green needles wearing the snowflakes perfectly. They grab onto them bunching them together as if clinging onto a woolen blanket. I have been driving less walking to most of the places I need to go. I enjoy the crunching sound the snow makes under my boots and the chill on my cheeks.

I don`t seem to do as well at night tho. The other night, I tried to take my nephews Trick or Treating around their neighborhood. They were Darth Vader and the Scream Phantom. I lasted one whole block. Luckily, they had thier mom to finish the job. It was a pretty pathetic attempt considering I was quite bundled up wearing a cat costume with a fur hat. Sorry kids. Next year, I will have to be Chewbacca or the Abominable Snowman. Or maybe an Ewok or Mogwai would be more my size. In any case, I`d better stop shaving now.

Magic seems to have learned how to fetch with her favorite shoelace. She also enjoys shredding entire toilet paper rolls into a fine feathery soft pile which must be her version of snow. In this moment, I am trying to train her so there is one lonely roll sitting in the middle of the living room floor. It has been safe for the past few hours but I will have to remember to hide it before I go out anywhere. That is unless I want to come home to an apartment fully toilet papered, Magic style. It is not fun cleaning that mess, I assure you. The other strange habit she has taken on is sleeping in the bathroom sink. It fits her perfectly and she seems annoyed when I come in and turn the light on to use the facilities.

You know Christmas is coming when: the Xmas oranges are on sale. Yesterday, I bought my first box of Mandarin oranges and have already eaten four. They were sweet, tangy and surprisingly big. I would have put up my Xmas lights already if I had a staple gun. I expect that I will have them up by the end of this week and will probably keep them up until May. I love the glow of the colored lights and disagree that they should only be for the Christmas season. I suppose if I had it my way, we would live in Dr. Suessland and everyone would have lights all year round. Wouldn`t it be pretty? Now with the solar kinds it is even environmentally friendly.

I have noticed the barrage of Christmas wares, décor and signage going up around the stores. Sales people are frantically shelving cards, tree ornaments and everything seasonal. I wanted to remind them to slow down, that the Halloween stuff was still in clearance. But then I noticed little old ladies rushing in to get first pick and decided not to get caught in the crossfire.

Lines are already enormous and I have decided that I shall not buy anything for the entire month of December. This means getting anything I need before then and I will have to forgo my annual Xmas eve present buying frenzy. One thing I do enjoy is watching the children visit Santa or just listening to the holiday music in the malls. So for this reason, I may make a visit or two just to people watch.

Grateful for change of season.

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