Trickey Times

I was feeling very out of sorts on Saturday. I spent the day in a very confused state knocking my head into wall after wall finally giving myself a headache. I had several parties to go to that night but it was as if there was some dark force trying to keep me down. I don`t know how to describe my mind at this moment but it isn`t very pleasant. I can only compare it to a heavy stone falling down into a bottomless cold steel barrel.

I decided that this was bordering on ridiculous because there was really no explanation for this ominous feeling of doom. I forced myself to get up to ready myself for the evenings events. I decided that I didn`t feel like going through to much effort to dress up so I put on an evening gown and decided to wear wings. A fairy princess is easy enough but I couldn`t find my wings and that frustration added to my mood. Luckily Stephanie said I could borrow hers so I made my over to her house which was to be my first party stop anyway.

The huge wet flakes were pouring out of the sky at record rates and I knew this was going to be a task and a half. I am getting a bit more confident in my manual driving skills but in the snow it`s a completely different story. There were accidents all over the place and people were going under thirty due to the slippery roads. Although, Steph lives only about 15 blocks away, it took me a full 20 mins to get there.

She moved at the beginning of this month too and I still hadn`t been to visit her new home. I was very impressed with not only the location but the elaborate decorations she had taken so much care in putting up. There was a giant orange pumpkin grinning at me as I toiled up the front walk. I stepped into a home full of trippy Halloweeness including cobwebs, blacklights and all elegant trickery in between. When I found Steph upstairs she jumped on me giving me a suction hug of happiness as always seems to happen when we have been apart for awhile.

I got to visit with her family and friends who always seem to make me feel at home. Sweet Mel spent an hour painting my face and arms in elaborate patterns of cosmic fairyness with black light paint. I felt so honored to have her use my bod as a canvass for her creative inspiration.

The house was rocking with music was pumping as DJs spun different tunes several levels. Smiling familiar faces trickled in after finally making it through the winter roads. The costumes were quite original and the vibe was great! This was one of the best house parties I have been to making it a little hard to leave. But as I had make other commitments, I hugged my gracious host and made my way back out into the chilly night air.

It was so cold my car keys wouldn`t seem to open the lock and I wished I had a de-icer. After fiddling around with it for a while, it finally gave in so I turned the heat full blast and let it warm up for a while. I got lost confusing Streets for Avenues so it took me extra long to get to Pat`s Fairy and Elves party. Just on the verge of giving up, I finally saw the line up of cars outside the proper address.

I was greeted by tons of familiar faces in every level of dressed upedness. I made my rounds giving hugs to all my friends then alternated between the chill room upstairs and the dance party in the basement. I danced a little but spent more time just sitting quietly feeling ubergrateful that my friends are some of the best DJs in the city. I love that I can party in such comfort and style. I watched everyone in high spirits and noticed the contrast between my mood of the day and now. There is such a big difference between big raves and clubs and the vibes at these private parties. Infact, there is no comparison. My friends rock.

Partway through the night, several partygoers who had attended the 3000 person Halloween rave showed up with grim faces. Our friend Shamik who was performing at this event shakily relayed the disturbing story of the tragedy that occurred. Someone had been viciously murdered, everything came to a sudden halt and everyone was sent home. I doubt the unfortunately appropriately named annual “Scream” rave will be held again. Hearing this news just magnified my feelings of gratitude for the safe space my friends provide.

Grateful for my tribe.

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