Karmic Connections

I have been keeping myself extremely busy with friends, celebrations, work, family and health. Not to mention the move that is supposed to take place this weekend. I am quite looking forward to it though everytime I think about it, I get overwhelmed. I have so many little things to do before Saturday but luckily I have help.

So here ends another chapter of my life and begins one that is slightly overdue. I am past ready to be living in a more energetic environment, concentrate my space and focus more heavily on growth. I am excited not to have to mow the lawn or shovel snow. Instead of driving, I can walk or ride my bike at least. I know that it may be a shift dealing with the constant murmur of city noises but I am ready. I am eager to simplify and have less clutter which will lighten my mind enormously.

This past weekend I went to Symmetree, an equinox/new moon/eclipse event which lasted four days. This is the first event that will coalesce my three groups GOMP, THC and Arcatribe as well as Calgary`s, Seed of Life. Lately I find myself on a different wavelength and am naturally gravitating towards a more spiritual path.

I camped some of it but took advantage of the fact that I lived only 10 minutes away from the country location. It was an interesting moment as fate introduced me to a few individuals I intuit are very signifigant to me. What extent they will play in my life I do not yet know but some powerful seeds were planted.

There was much learning to be had and I was thoroughly impressed by the children that I met. They were far more advanced than most I have met and I listened carefully when they spoke. I was hyper aware of individual energies and group dynamics that went on in the mediation area. I spent most of my time here with the crystals and alters, monitoring how I felt in different places. I participated in several ceremonies which pushed me even further down my course of consciousness. I can`t tell you yet what effect this weekend will have on me as I believe there is more to come. I am beginning to understand that these intensive gatherings have an almost catalytic result. The consequences seem to know no time or space, spanning from the immediate to who knows where.

Originally, I planned to forgo Symmetree but they asked me to be a “vibe watcher” ensuring all stayed well. In the end there really was no need for such a post with only one issue of a little one who had lost her mother. I am grateful to have attended as I feel that this was just the experience I needed to end my summer run of festivals. By Saturday night, we all gazed in awe at the lively vibrant cosmic gift of the Northern Lights blazing across our sky. It`s been a long time since I have seen them so active.

There is a hint of magic in my current position, a twinge of excitement. I can`t quite pinpoint it but know it is anticipation of something more ethereal. I seem to have finally broken my self sabotaging habits and behaviors. In the past, it was my self defeating pattern to find to a state of bliss then panic that I would lose it. I would obsess about all the things that would, could or should go wrong or why I really didn`t deserve it. I would compare it to the peculiar feeling of deja-vu. As soon as I began to recognize, analyze or scrutinize it, it would dissipate as quickly as snowflake on the tip of your nose. Now I try not to think about it much but just revel in the feeling. Just enjoying my achievements and expecting with certainty that things are just going to get even better. Dare I ask: How good is life?

Grateful for Connection.

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