Warm and Toasty First Sunrise – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

I ended up off on my own again for the night. I decided to just peddle around and check out the art in and around the playa. I got sidetracked about every 2 minutes and ended up stopping at this part and that. I made friends everywhere I went but stayed solo for most of the night. I made it my business to drive my bike all around the entire playa from one end to the other. I just kept thinking, Man this place is HUGE! And it seems to keep getting bigger! It is true that as the days plotted on, more and more Burners would arrive bringing with them their art cars and crazy costumes.

I began getting quite chilly and thought I would ride out the end completing my Round the Burn mission. I tried to check out a Psy Trance party I had heard of but it was not at all happening. I was a little saddened but ended up meeting a pretty girl who was also looking for the same party. She was quite friendly and invited me to hang out with her friends on their art car. I ventured out to the car called the Illuminaughty which had a pole in the middle of a square platform. They were quite a friendly bunch and I really wanted join them but I remembered that I had my bike. They must have liked me too because they lifted my bike right onboard along with me. I was tickled pink!

We cruised along listening to hoppin tunes and visiting while sipping on our drinks. Every now and then, someone would get the urge to jump up and swing around on the pole. It was quite comical and unexpected cracking me up every time. I suggested that they should make a pole dance one of the conditions of boarding the Illuminaughty.

As we were plotting along, I began feeling a lot colder. There was really no shelter from the wind and we were getting closer to the coldest part of the night. Altho they had lent me a coat it wasn`t quite doing it for me when I spotted a giant bonfire and we all hopped off to warm up. A few minutes later, as we were about to get back onto the car, what pulls up but a TOAST cart! I was in absolute disbelief that here was a lady pushing around a cart completely stocked with any kind of toast and topping you could dream up.

It was about 4am and we were being served hot buttered toast, English muffins, bagels…you name it! Then to top it off, she had not only peanut butter and honey, but homemade jams, marmalade, vegemite, cream cheese, almond butter, and everything in between. You cannot imagine how happy I was. I was dancing around, singing and nibbling on my toast. I just had to share this experience with anyone who would savor a bite. This lady truly was THE toast fairy and the sheer surprise and ridiculousness of the situation blew me away. And yes, it was the best toast I have ever had in my life. Warm AND Toasty! Does it get any better?

We made our way around the playa stopping for bathroom breaks where we would all jump off. Then when the sun was about to come up, we puttered our way over into deep playa. We stopped just short of the fence which is the boundary of Burning Man. I looked back toward Black Rock City and realized just how far out we were.

All was quiet and peaceful save for a few art cars in the distance that were pumping their bass. There were about a hundred Burners scattered along various spots along the fence to watch the event. Several people were meditating and others drinking coffee curling up in blankets. It was quite a spiritual moment as I grabbed my flags and decided to greet the morning sun with a dance.

It was my first sunrise and quite a magical moment that I cannot quite put into words. So I won`t. This one was just for me.

Grateful for kindness.

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