Weather Enforced Heart to Heart Session – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

I decided that one of my “playa gifts” would be tails. I took one of my favorite blankets from home and spent a few hours cutting it into long soft fuzzy tails to pin on people. I made them meow as I was attaching it to their backsides to make sure they were worthy. Then I gave them special instructions on what to do if they saw someone else with a tail like theirs. There were a few hundred floating around Burning Man by the time I was done handing them all out. All of us with this particular color and pattern of tail are part of the same tribe.

As I was catching up with my fellow Cosmic Elves in the sleeping dome, another storm crept up on us. The men ran around securing all the flaps and we all snuggled into our beds and blankets to wait it out. It appeared to be a real doozey and there was nothing else to do but wait inside. It was only when I peeked outside that I understood the magnitude of the desert dust storm we were experiencing. It was white conditions and I couldn`t even see 5 feet away even in the elf village where there were structures. I was really grateful not to be stuck out somewhere in deep playa for this one.

As I had taken to spending a lot of time out on my own, it was a welcome break to catchup with my friends. I was always out and about when the weather was good so I really hadn`t seen anyone for days except for supper. We all shared stories and what we had learned about the playa, Burning Man and mostly, ourselves. It was a very tender special moment for me to reconnect with what was familiar in the midst of all the chaos.

The storm waned a bit at which point I went to help make supper. We were in desperate need of a grater for the beets when I remembered the latkes. I told the kitchen crew to sit tight and I raced off at top speed back to the Potato Latke camp. Huffing and puffing from trying to breathe with my dust mask on made the ride quite the feat. I must have looked like quite the sight with my goggles and dust mask complete with cape and tail flailing behind me as I sped by. Then again, I probably looked pretty normal as it was quite tame compared to some of the other getups I passed by. I had to wonder if people had special dust storm costumes because some of them were just out there. Like…really out there.

When I returned with the prize grater, I was the hero of the salad. Dinner was scrumptious and I have included the recipe for the soup we had which was my second favorite soup of the week. Lovely Chef Blake took to singing out the dinner call to the elves with his soothing words of encouragement. It was quite endearing.

“Come out come out my little elves
It`s time to come and feed yourselves!”

Thanks Blake!

Sopa Azteca (tortilla soup)

0.5 celery
1 onion
1 bulb garlic
2 corn
1 yellow pepper
1 zuccinni
1 Potato
1 coli
0.5 cilantro
1 spinach
2 avo

-toast garlic salt, cumin seeds, chilli powder, cayenne, chipotle powder, celery seeds, mustard seeds in a dry soup pot…
-once lightly toasted add oil, onion, garlic snd sautee for a few mins (don`t burn spices)
– add water and salsa (roughly equal parts, though can tomato sauce can also be used in combination)
-add veggies
*** wait on spinach til 5 mins before serving, and avocado at last minute possible… in mexico the dish is served with Quesillo, a melty stringy cheese which melts in the fiery broth (this is the way i make it at home without vegans)
– fresh tortillas cut into strips and lightly fried until crispy/chewy are added to the soup just prior to serving (tortilla chips ok as substitute)

salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, etc to taste

Grateful for homebase.

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