Wake up call – Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

Wednesday morning I was shaken awake, literally, by the blockrocken beats of some obnoxious art car. I drearily dragged myself into sitting position pulling out my now useless earplugs. I peeked my head out of the tent to see the sun still quite new on the morning horizon, concluding that it couldn`t be past 7am. I hauled myself out of the sleeping pod giving up on any more chance of slumber. I noticed few other bodies were wandering around as I squinted, searching for the noisy offender.

Fish, a fellow Cosmic Elf had also risen to investigate the drama and wandered over to commiserate. We both shrugged and decided that if you can`t beat`em, join`em! Still in our jimmies (or lack there of) we hopped on the boisterous machine as it pounded by at a snails pace. It only took us about 30 seconds of the close range 1600 watts of bass before we realized that we had better secure some earplugs and fast!

We ambled along perched atop the fuzzy fun fur covered seats, sipping on morning beers and bloody marys. People would do a little dance to the 90s techno blaring across the playa, wave in appreciation and yell out calls of respect for this abomination. After a good half hour, thanked our driver, hopped off then headed over to get ice at Camp Arctica. I had made the mistake of bringing Peter the 10 foot neon python but Fish just shrugged and transformed the gargantuan snake into clothing. He looked quite stylish in his new snake wrap whose head ended up quite strategically placed.

We tried to walk a little more briskly as the sun was gaining ground and we were not prepared for this long mission. After getting some blocks of ice and treating ourselves to a coffee, we marched directly back towards camp before they melted.

“Look!” I pointed to the west towards a very tall moving tower. “It`s an art car going our way…come on!”

I urged Fish to quicken the pace so we could catch a lift on this odd looking but fast contraption. The jovial crew onboard had a beer on the end of a long string and appeared to be fishing for random passengers. They didn`t have to tell us twice so we ensured they were going our way and hopped on. I downed my coffee then accepted their offer of a cool beer while they stored our ice blocks in their coolers. We got a ride and they got some refrigeration in exchange. This kind of coincidental helpful reciprocity seems to happen a lot on the playa and it made me smile ever time.

Grateful for teamwork.

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