Playa Snacks – BRC, Nevada, United States

I decided to eat a little bit snacking on cream cheese and salsa on top of rice cakes. I found this peach and pineapple salsa that was quickly becoming my new favorite. My day was wide open, as it usually is at an event such as this, so I decided to go where the wind took me.

I heard that they were giving out 10,000 scoops of ice cream near Center Camp at noon. They called their event Ice Cream for the Planet. “We have a hope for the future that Global Warming won`t destroy our earth as fast as this ice cream melts.” How could I resist such a delectable treat of sweet cool goodness on such a scorching day in the desert? I ran into James on my way and he said he would like to come with me so off we went.

We parked our bikes and made our way over to the freezer truck near the front entrance. As we walked, we passed many many happy smiling people licking their spoons and scraping every last drop from their cups. The lines were a lot shorter than I expected and they had about 8 stations set up with all different flavors.

I ended up getting two scoops of different flavors, Cherries Jubilee and of course, Chocolate. We meandered back through the busy and bustling Center Camp. When I noticed someone without an ice cream cup I would load up my spoon and pop it in their mouth. The delighted faces beamed back at me, reminiscent of children having their first ice cream cone of the summer.

Now my tummy was hungry for some real food so I suggested that we check out the Potato Latkes at camp Collective Regeneration. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to have the same idea. The line up was super duper long but I love potato pancakes so much that I thought to wait. It wasn`t the best decision. I ended up getting quite hot and grumpy and very dehydrated during the two hours. If I weren`t so stubborn, I would have just given up and done something else. But I could almost TASTE them that`s how bad I wanted them. Besides, they were giving sour cream and apple sauce with them!

Well, I should have listened to my instincts and walked away because right before our turn came up, they announced they were running out. So we actually ended up getting one tiny pancake each surrounded by hefty globs of sour cream. But dammit! It was the best little potato pancake I ever did taste!

I decided that I would forgo this event next year or better yet, make my own and improve the system. I commented that it would have made more sense to have everyone in the line grating the potatoes rather than their little group of 5 people. Anyway. Lesson learned. It didn`t take long before I squashed my annoyed feeling with a feeling of gratitude. I made sure to pay special thanks to the cooks who were slaving away in the sweltering heat in front of the stove.

As we were leaving, we heard some people making a fuss and pointing over to the West. There coming towards us was a giant dust tornado! I had heard of such monstrosities on the Playa but this was huge! The thing was whipping around creating a funnel of craziness sucking up all things loose and light. Thank goodness I am neither of those. I was quite excited as I saw it draw nearer to where we were standing. A part of me was a little nervous that it would come over top of us but secretly, I was willing it so!

The Dust Devil decided to continue its path in another direction missing us by about 50 feet. I had a feeling as I looked around the horizon, that was not the last of its type and I would experience another before the day was done.

Grateful for a little.

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