What to Wear? – BRC, Nevada, United States

I woke feeling refreshed and positive, ready to start my day. I dressed in as least amount of clothes as possible as the sun was already heating the air considerably. Now I understand why people end up wearing lingerie, underwear or nothing. Burning Man is definitely a clothing optional type of festival and many people take full advantage of that. The first few days it would surprise me when I would see a random naked guy riding by on his bike or a woman wearing just a large sunhat strolling by. Then it just became part of the scenery and I barely noticed them.

More so, I would notice the elaborate costumes and gear people would put on. I could only imagine the time and effort put into these amazing pieces of work. I suppose that is part of the art of Burning Man…some people build, paint, sculpture, or dance and some people sew. There were also many delicate and ornate body paintings which almost always caught my eye. Paris Fashion Week has NOTHING on Burning Man, let me tell you.

Breakfast consisted of sweet homemade granola topped with almond milk which made my tastebuds do a happy dance. The camp was still more or less quiet, most people sleeping in, so I wandered off. I biked to the HeeBeeJeeBee Healer camp where I pulled up a piece of carpet and tried to meditate a bit. After a short attempt at stillness, I checked my “program” to see what else there was to do.

I made my way to Center Camp to see what this was all about. I had heard many different opinions of the place and wanted to find my own. I pulled up to the large big top like tent and parked my bike in the racks provided. I stood for a moment admiring the art of three ginormous (40 feet tall?) figures made of welded steel, iron and scrap metal in the front entryway. They were in varying positions of worship or celebration or despair…I couldn`t decide which.

I wandered into the circular center camp and found it to be a place of movement. I noticed the coffee counter where you could buy coffee, latte, tea or chai – all either hot or cold. This is one of the two things that are allowed to be bought or sold at Burning Man. The only other commercial transaction that is permitted takes place across the way at Camp Arctica. Here you can buy ice in giant blocks or cubes and there is almost always a line up.

Grateful for early mornings.

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