Tummy Troubles – BRC, Nevada, United States

I walked into the tent and glanced around at the expectant soulmates being interviewed in quiet corners. I asked how it worked and was presented with a questionnaire to be filled out. I sauntered over to the bar and began the rigorous process of answering the queries. It was much like one of these “Get to know me” emails that show up in my inbox occasionally. When I was done revealing my not so deepest secrets, I handed in my form and was instructed to wait.

I grabbed Gnoman from the bike carrier and proceeded to take my first photo of him sitting in the blender at the bar. I gulped down my second peach pina colada then went to sit in the waiting area. Soon my tummy started to turn and tumble in ways that just are not natural. I felt deep regret for drinking those alcoholic bevies so quickly but they were so cold and in this heat….well, whatever.

Fact was that I ended up leaving and having a rest in the port a potty until my tummy settled down. I didn`t throw up or anything but it was a lesson well learned. No one should have to suffer the stench of an outhouse cooking in the middle of the desert. No one. So I resolved not to be so careless with my health and reserved high octane drinking for an after dark activity.

Once I made my way back to Costco, I ordered a virgin drink to rehydrate my delicate state. The bartender nodded approvingly commending me on knowing and respecting my limits. I just muttered a half hearted “uh huh” and went to sprawl out on the big fluffy couches. I made a new friend called James who was also from Canada and we made small talk until my interview came up.

The interviewer was friendly and extremely flirtatious leading me to the conclusion that he would have matched himself to me if he could. I inquired as to just how they came up with the actual “soulmate” to which he assured me it was a very scientific process indeed. Something about a computer thousands of miles away but I didn`t really buy it. I thanked him and took my pick up code card. Apparently these things take time so I was to come back on Thursday to find my match.

I was feeling a whole lot better by now but I decided I should go have a little lie down anyway. As I walked into my camp, I noticed that everyone was generally doing the lazy thing. I checked on dinner and was delighted to learn that we were having soup. Not only is soup one of my favorite dishes, but it would be gentle on my body after such a challenging day.

Here is the recipe straight from Blake for this mouth-watering and nourishing Thai Tom Kha soup:

*2 cans coconut milk (+2 cans water)
*4 stalks lemongrass (chopped into inch long segments and then squashed to allow broth to penetrate layers)
*2 handfuls kaffir lime leaves (fresh)
*1 galanga root,
*1 bulb garlic,
*1 ginger root

-combine all of the above in a big pot, heat to almost boil for 20 mins, remove from heat, allow to cool, place in fridge overnight to allow infusion….
-next day pull it out, strain out the leaves and lemongrass etc.
-heat and add veggies

*1 can baby corn **
*1 coli
*1 broc
*1 celery
*1 zuccini
*1 red pepper
*2 carrots
*1 onion
(any veggies work, i change it all the time)

Add spices: cayenne, rooster sauce, saffron, celery seeds, sesame oil, sesame seeds

Grateful for restoration.

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