Healing Health Hour – BRC, Nevada, United States

After a short stroll, I wandered out and hopped back on my bike which only took a few minutes to locate in the mess of wheels and steel. I decided to head over to Ascension Tribe where they were hosting an Empowerment/Intention workshop. I wasn`t sure if I should enter as I was a few minutes late but I was kindly ushered in. I slipped off my shoes and parted the curtain to find about 20 people sitting on pillows. I quietly found a spot near the back and made myself comfortable.

I hadn`t been there for more than 30 seconds when the strangest feeling came over me. I was overwhelmed with a sense of heaviness and desperation. It was not coming from me but seemed to be moving through me. I was caught somewhat offguard and turned my focus to the girl sitting in the middle of the circle. I couldn`t see her face as it was buried in her hands, almost in shame or denial. The counselor in front of her would gently ask her simple questions which would trigger strong reactions.

After listening for just a few moments, I learned that she was in the middle of an intense spiritual breakthrough. Even though I had no idea what her story was, I could feel her aching emotion crashing through me like tidal waves. Her anguish, her despair, her bravery, her ultimate pain. Before I knew it, I too had tears streaming down my cheeks though I couldn`t quite pinpoint why.

My heart went out to her with urgency and I gave her my undivided attention. With all my concentration, I aimed as much love and compassion as I could muster at this tender soul. One last long agonizing cry ripped through the room and then through the release, a new door was opened.

Though utterly exhausted, a tingling of pure innocence began to energize the room with renewed vigor. Empathetic relief turned into admiration and unconditional love for this brave woman who had just bared her broken soul. A light sprinkling feeling of recovery built into a downpour of strength that drenched us all. I still do not know exactly what she healed from, nor do I need to. I am honored to have been part of such an amazing process. To witness a being develop their consciousness so markedly and deeply is truly a gift. I am sure that everyone in that room grew and benefited from participating in this moment of truth.

Next, several others went through a similar experience of healing and I found myself identifying with them all. In each of their stories was one similar to my own. I felt my insides stirring and my heart listening closely. Though I didn`t speak a word, I definitely experienced a tremendous amount of sharing.

After the session, I was spent so I decided it was time for something a little more lighthearted. I perused my booklet for something cheery and playful. Ah ha! What could be more fun than having my very own garden gnome?! I was off like a shot to the Gnome Adoption Agency.

Grateful for compassion.

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