Cosmic Elves – 4:44 and Guess, Nevada, United States

My camp was called “Cosmic Elves” and it was our first year as an independent theme camp. As far as I could tell there were about 80 of us, mostly consisting of Canadians generally from Western Canada. Cosmic Elves are those who share a desire to nurture and explore Gaian intelligence and design as well a celebratory reunion with our galactic citizenship.

We are a group of conscious individuals working towards peace and harmony between humans and Mother Earth. There is an air of environmentally friendliness and personal (as well as group) spiritual growth. It was my observation that most of us were gentle, kind, generous and aware. I was honored and grateful to be part of such a highly evolved team.

Our camp was located at Guess and 4:30 (4:44 to be exact) and was characterized by a Hammock Village surrounded by several Star Pods. Ten hammocks were hung in this large spider-like shaded structure providing a lax central meeting place for the elves and friends. Throughout the week, I saw people sleeping, sharing, eating, creating, singing, dancing, writing, meditating, exercising and playing in this communal space.

A Star Pod is an icosahedron dome structure varying in size and materials. Some Pods were used as tents and others for shared group activities. We had Elf Blake`s Kitchen Pod filled with stoves, tables and cooking supplies. Next door was a Food Pod which was filled with many coolers and bins containing the foodstuffs necessary to nourish 80 elves for a week. My favorite content of this Pod was the tangy hummus that we were treated to as well as the scrumptious granola. Both homemade creations were as nutritious and delicious. We also had lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on as well as other healthy organic snacks. No one went hungry.

Nearby was Elf Dylans Workshop Tool Pod where one could go to get just about anything fixed or lit or invented. Dylan is also known as the Toymaker for good reason. He fixed up all our bikes with LED lights genius inserted into empty milk jugs to light our way at night.

A smaller end table size structure I understood initially to be used as a Sprout Pod was turned into a Music Pod. Often there was a camp DJ filling the speakers with chill groovy beats streamed from their laptop.

There was a Art Pod which had an awesome display of UV lit sacred geometric art beside the larger Misting Pod. Every now and then I would get a refreshing sprinkling of cool water as I walked by.

We had a Costume Tent which housed a plethora of dress up options. We all volunteered some of our pieces for public use so it was a place of sharing and borrowing. I ended up keeping my clothing in here so for me it was the Closet Tent as well. It fully equipped complete with full length mirror and lights. This is also where all the glow sticks, bands and makeup was kept. I had a lot of fun in here getting ready for this that and the other.

There was a giant dome filled with air mattresses, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags. This is where I slept most of the time as I really enjoyed the safe and comfy feeling I had when I would wake. Anyone who is single knows how lonely and boring it can get when you are stuck in a tent all by yourself. I was super grateful to have this option and was happy the energy in the Sleeping Pod stayed positive all week long.

All in all, the camp maintained an excellent vibe throughout Burning Man. Even when challenges would arise, somehow we would all get through it smiling. Although I placed my tent across the street, I never once felt like I didn`t belong. Here I met some wonderfully magical beings who who seemed strangely familiar…like family.

Grateful for Cosmic Elves.

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